Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I ain't no bimbo

You stopped talking to a person two years ago after all the drama said person caused. Said person leaves country and you have some what of peace from people bugging you to forgive and forget. Person gets back and decides to sulk everytime you’re in vicinity even though to you said person is like a ghostly presence – makes no difference to ya.

Friend who thinks they’re well meaning, saviour of the day proceeds to give you lecture on why you should forgive and forget. Even claims to be able to get said person to apologise for being a snobbish drama queen. You say its 2 years too late.

What supposedly well meaning friend doesn’t see is, said person not only sulking but giving you the evil eye when you drive by in your new car. Friends??? Yeah right!

Now supposedly well meaning friend suggest said person to you as a friend on Facebook. What am I some stupid bimbo who can’t see what you’re doing?

Argggg so want to give a piece of my mind!


a million different people said...

Mmm, cryptic.

But yeah, I see what you're saying. I'm guessing it's very difficult for some people to stay out. :)

visithra said...

;) hehe yeah apparently it is - somehow they enjoy butting into other ppls lives