Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Courtesys going down the drain

I had just been complaining to mom about the lack of courtesy in inviting people to weddings among my generation. Somehow people think its ok for a third person to ask you to come to a wedding when the host has no manners to invite you themselves but expect you to turn up. After the wedding which you decide not to attend, they would have the gall to ask why you didn’t come.

Right about then one of the temple committee heads in my area turned up to our house to invite us for the temple Kumbhabhishegam (grand prayers). As I had just finished dinner, I left the room. The uncle however refused to leave without personally inviting me to attend. He didn’t have to but he did.

I think people need a lesson in courtesy especially new age wannabes.

If you want someone to attend your wedding :-

  • Send the card through a friend, mail, email – whatever means but pick up the phone and call them, don’t expect them to turn up just coz a card was sent to them.
  • Not sending a card but expecting them to turn up isn’t either.
  • Sms’s do not function as valid invites for a wedding unless you’ve gone green and done only email invites – I doubt that.
  • Getting another person to invite people on their behalf isn’t either.
  • The one general card for all from a school, association, work – sure no prob, just make sure you personally invite them face to face or by a call, or through a personal email.
  • If you want someone to take the effort to go to another state or country for your wedding, double the reason why you should call.

The adage of the day, CALL if you want them to come.

If 50 – 60 year olds can personally invite me to their childrens wedding/ functions ect - I don’t see why dumb 20 year olds have no basic courtesy to do so. For the people who think I’m being ridiculous go fly kite. I have more important things to do.


Gusti Adipati said...

Err...this is not about me right?

Since I just spoke abt my wedding and your next post is abt invitation to attend weddings?....

Neeya..illai naana?

visithra said...

ohhh dear off course not ;p

its about few other incidents - nothing to do with u ;)

sorry if it got u the wrong way ;p heheh

phatichar said...

Right you are!

Anonymous said...

True...and I hate those common emails with the wedding invitation attached... as if sending some forward emails...

visithra said...

phatichar : hey long time no see - i guess u understand

anon : thats another one i dont like