Thursday, July 31, 2008

Come my precious ...

Come my precious ..... I’ve always had a thing for big brawny men blowing fires! Don’t ask me why but when I see them I have to follow them everywhere they go and watch enthralled as they blow enormous balls of fire into the air.

When I was traveling in Sri Lanka, I remember we attended this cultural performance and there were fire eaters there as well. Ah now one of them was a very cute guy and ahem lets just say he was found performing mostly on my side of the court. I think it had everything to do with the pure adoring admiration look I had on my face. Cheh I’m a disgrace to myself! Tsh tsh ;p

Man of fire Anyway last weekend we had attended the Laman 2008 – it’s a yearly landscape exhibition that takes place at the Lake Gardens. Now to me the highlight of the whole exhibition were the fire eaters. When I had read the agenda for the day, I secretly hoped we’d stay long enough to see their performance.

Pssst : my friends don’t know about this – ops I forgot they read this blog – yikes ;p

We walking around lake Gardens when it started drizzling, so we decided to head back and miss most of the night performances. But then we saw him!

We just had to get a photo. So I asked him if we could shoot him and my god he immediately started performing for us. I think he seriously had an obsession for the movie 300 – he was even reciting the script!

But this guy definetly knew how to perform. When he and his partner were blowing fires he would give us signals on when he was gonna blow the fire, mostly giving us time to shoot. I think he liked us to coz he kept performing near us – explains why I have so many photos of him ;p

See I told ya I have a thing for brawny fire eaters ;p

Fire eater 300 Look at me....

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