Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The art of serving

I love thiruvillas (temple festival). It’s a pretty gun

One of the things that I love about thiruvilla’s is the food and how its served. You could have at some of the best restaurants but food served at thiruvillas is just unbelievable. The best menu would be pumpkin gravy, sambhar (dhal), beans kothu, vadai, appalam (papadam) and finishing off with payasam all served on banana leafs.

Everyone sits on the floor and the guys from the area or from the family whose hosting the prayers serve the food. Now serving food isn’t easy coz you have to be squatting or bent all throughout. Now last week, the ex university students in my area hosted one of the prayers. There we were sitting and waiting to be served and I realized there were 2 distinct groups serving us. One group from our local boys and the other from the ex university students. So I decided to entertain my mom and her friend with my observations.

From my town

  • Serves with a smile
  • Has time to chat in between servings
  • Personally serves everyone by politely squatting and not throwing leaves at people.
  • Able to squat-walk
  • Efficient and fast yet still cracking jokes
  • Serves the precise amount of food – not too much or too little
  • Co-operates to ensure efficiency
  • Strategies based on supply – you end up with half vadai’s ;p
  • Has a sense of coolness – casually goes around serving people.

Ex university students

  • Mr Yellow
    Dumps a bunch of banana leaf on people and tells them to pass it along after trying and failing to individually give out the leaves. He was latter on found with a scowl, sighing everytime he had to bend and serve someone.
  • Mr Red
    Was serving while bent at the most disturbing angle – lets just say anyone sitting behind him had an excellent view. Attributed to the lack of experience in knowing what jeans was best worn for such work.
  • Sweating buckets
    Serves one spoon of food, stands straight sighs and looks across the hall sweats and slowly bends to serve. Takes ages to get through his line
  • Chaos
    Creates traffic jams as local town boys caught up with him, yet oblivious to the fact he’s the cause of the jam.
  • Exasperated
    By the 10th person he had to serve, he was sweating, sighing, in a fowl mood, cursing and regretting volunteering to serve - best of all he still has a lot more ppl to serve! Swears to never do this again! ;p


oOFooi said...

yeah! Indians foods are nice and I think temple festival is even better still because it allows a group of people interact with others people. That is meaningful :P

bmahendran said...

pumpkin gravy, sambhar (dhal), beans kothu, vadai, appalam (papadam) ....

Visi!!! made me hungry dy...aaaa

visithra said...

oofooi : yeah its nice ;) very true - its the same at chinese temples - ive been to kuan yin festivals where they serve lunch for visitors nearly similar n welcoming l)

mahen : hehehhe me get to eat again on sat! ;ppp

Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha Ha....

More than the food, I liked the 'art' of serving. ;)

maduraiveeran said...

Virundhu Sappadu - Always Sooper! Best part is having it on the banana leaf.

visithra said...

cuckoo : hehehe i think it makes the food taste nicer ;p

maduraiveeran : yep - of course without it the taste is different ;p