Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wedding series ||| : The guests

Hidden in the shadows Weddings are supposedly the union of two souls the marriage of two families. They’re also the meeting place for interesting characters. See if you can recognize these people :

The Gossip
Always wants to know or dish out some soddy story about someone to anyone regardless if they want to hear or not. Favourite line : Did you hear?? So and so …..

The Show off

Has an intense need to show off at every given moment. Someone’s wedding was better, someones clothes/ jewelery was better, they have pricier stuff, ext. Favourite line : Oh but mine’s more expensive.

The nitpicker
Has something to complain about everything, from the bride to the food. Favourite line : But this is SO wrongggg…..

The Foodie
Arrives just before the main moment of the wedding and would be at the food line before the wedding is even over. Favourite line : What time are they serving the food?

The Busybody
Comes to weddings to find out the latest gossip and whose kid is not married yet. Then proceeds to bug said kid on why they haven’t gotten married. Favourite line : So why aren’t you married? You’re not young anymore!

The I’m so happy and you ain’t
These are normally newly weds or newly coupled people. In absolute bliss of their honeymoon period, they insist on matchmaking all their single friends coz they believe that you can only be happy if you’re with someone. Favourite line :ohhh you’re still single? How sad!!

The matchmaker
Passionate in connecting people – Nokia would be so proud! They’re always trying to matchmake people at weddings. Found wrestling some poor gal into meeting someones son. Favourite line : I have the perfect match for you!

The scowler
Was forced to attend the wedding by wife or mother. So sulks in a corner throughout the wedding. Favourite line : I could be watching the game!

And so ends the wedding series ;)

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germinal dreamer said...

i'm usually the foodie or he scowler.. and nowadayas i have become someone whom you forgot to mention, Oglers. I ogle at good looking women... blame my hormones :)

visithra said...

germinal : lol most men fall into the scowler - ah everyones an ogler - why do u think we go for weddings in the first place ;p