Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wedding Series || : The Bride

Bridal glowMen lets not kid yourselves, weddings are all about the bride. You’re there to accompany the main highlight of the day, no one is really looking at your suit, veshti, jhuppa or waiting for you to make a grand entrance. It’s all about the bride and they come in many shapes and characters.

Ms Panicky
Panics none stop coz she’s so disorganized she still hasn’t decided what to wear at the wedding and the weddings 3 weeks away! Found in a constant frenzy at all times.

Ms Silent
They’re like a dormant volcano, you never know when they’re gonna erupt coz all this while they’ve been agreeing to everything that someone chose for them. They wanted to choose a different colour but someone thought another colour would look nice on them yet they kept quiet. One day the erupt at such a force, it shocks the daylight out of everyone. The one with the perfect fake yes-I-like-that smile.

Ms Listmaker
Doesn’t do anything without consulting THE list. Panics if said lists goes missing, the advance update 3 copies which are kept in the office, car and home every day. Found consulting list when asked hows she doing?

Ms Perfectionist
Like the perfectionist family, they’re pretty scary. Goes crazy if the little bridesmaid have pony tails on the wrong sides of their heads. Everything has to mirror each other including the 1000 guests. Found scowling on wedding day and pointing out that you hadn’t worn the correct shade of fushia she had wanted.

The queen of craziness. Insists on everything to be as her wish. Anyone who dares object against her wishes receives a yelling or will have to face weeks of sulking. Found standing next to the groom wearing a shocking pink shirt and giving the evil eye to the little gal who removed her ponytail.

Ms Awww
She’s the bride that makes you go aww coz shes glowing through her inner beauty and you can’t help but cry as she walks by smilling at her guests. Found laughing on her wedding diaz.


BawangMerah said...

"Men lets not kid yourselves, weddings are all about the bride."

Sure roti canai is nice. But it always tastes better with yesterdays fish curry ;)

Sundar Narayanan said...

my dance teacher used to tell me

the girl is the picture. the boy is the frame!

it is your job to present her in the right light!


great photo Visithra and congrats to the couple!


visithra said...

bawangred : heheheh of course ;p

sundar : exactly - ur teacher was so right ;p