Monday, June 16, 2008

Rehash Kamal

God I wasted 3 and a half hours in a theatre watching a total crap called Dasavatharam. I came out of the movie thinking – Poor KS Ravikumar – someone just bulldozed him out of his own movie.

Now while most ppl agree the movie is bad a lot of ppl think the so called acting was good – seriously I don’t know what you guys were looking at.

The whole movie was a rehash of all his previous roles. To me if you’re gonna act in 10 different roles I expect each role to be different from the other in the sense of walking, style and not a copy of a character you did in a previous movie.

***Character Spoiler ahead****

Lets take the first Kamalahassan – MR 12th century – the walk posture and even movie poster is reminiscent of his role in Hey Ram. This was definitely one of the better performance in the movie, the scene the cinematography, the chanting – I would say my favourite part of the movie if there was one.

Asin definitely overacts in this scene. Napoleon does a good job in his short role.

The hero Kamal – has loads of ego problems. I guess it never occurred to him before that he was creating something to kill people. Anyway this kamal reminds you of the Kamal from Indian, the walk and looks and behaviour styles.

George Bush – the make up looked soooooo fake. Btw why was Bush doing a jiggy on stage and waving like a mad celebrity. Yes politicians wave but they’re taught how to do the polite yet cheerful wave and no dance around on the stage – it reflects badly to do otherwise. Again Kamals tell tale gaiety walk makes an appearance and not that of the actuall Bush. Some research could have done loads but then I guess he was relying on the makeup.

Christian Fletcher – So the guys a ruthless killer – than doesn’t make him a super villain. Just an invisible one. The make up again was soo fake – you couldn’t see a single facial expression, and the walk reminds you of Kamal in Virumandi. He seemed like he was trying to copy some villain from Hollywood – but looked more out of a zombie movie.

Balram Naidu – ah this guy I liked – predictable but I liked him but he too reminded me of the old naicker and remember the dual role he played in this movie where he replaced this businessman after escaping from jail and who can forget cute old man from Punnagai Mannan? The walking the pushing of the tummy the face movement, were pretty similar. But here’s the thing the role reminded me of SPB as the cop in maniratnams Thiruda Thiruda – and that was excellent acting.

Japanese guy – it looked like a mask – and 2 eyes moving inside the mask. Lets not even go with the pronounciation – the heavely tamil accented speech – where Tamil shouldn’t be we got Tamil accent- how clever.

Avtar singh – I like the make up here and his facial expression – but the moment he started dancing it was typical trademark kamal moves. All we’d need to see were his legs and you’d know.

Grandma – my god her makeup was so fake but at least the acting was original – you didn’t associate her to Avvai Shanmugi. But the movements were very robot like – maybe he took a crash course in how to be a 90 year old women?

Activist – oh he I liked – though again he reminded me of Anbe Sivam disfugered Kamal though his walk was more Guna like. But this was definetly interesting acting.

Tall Kamal – oh dear god can it get more fake and stupid? He reminded me of Beem boy but the thing is Beem boy wasn’t Tamil – Tall guy was. His family spoke perfect Tamil and suddenly he can’t – what the hell??? Height does not disfigure your speech nor make you create some fake accent!

I didn’t imagine any of this, I’ve probably watched more Kamal movies then I have of Rajini. The whole movie was an ego boost depending on makeup to do the acting.

Worst ever Kamal movie – and I pity all his fans who are trying to defend their hero by denying the truth. ;p

I hope Kamal figures his folly and stops being such a slave to his own ego


praveen said...

Nah, not gonna defend him but I kinda liked the movie despite the obvious defects. Would I watch it again? Perhaps or maybe not.Lets see :)

mala said...

can't agree more!!

Shiv said...

Rightly said. Was a waste. Utter waste and to think I was so eager to watch this CRAP...
and I agree with u wen u say "Now while most ppl agree the movie is bad a lot of ppl think the so called acting was good, seriously I don’t know what you guys were looking at. "

Balajoe said...

My cousin commented that Kamal did not do the 10 roles for the movie but rather the movie was created for him to show his 10 roles. No real story whatsoever.

visithra said...

praveen : heheh yes i know u like it ;p a true fan indeed ;p

mala : ;)

shiv : everyone was eager - most fans don't wanna agree with that point ;p thats y i had to blog it ;p

baljoe : hehehhe yep exactly

it was more like ill show ppl how to act ;p

tt_giant said...

THIS took 2 years!? Kuruttu dhairiyathula jackie chan a vera kooptaanga!!

Gusti Adipati said...

am I the only one to notice this or am I really wrong...

I heard people were clapping for genius Kamal writing dialogue like this:

Fletcher (to Jap guy): Remember Hiroshima?
Jap Guy: Remember Pearl Harbour?

Now for god's sake who actually bombed Hiroshima? American or the British? Pearl Harbour belongs to whom? American or British?

But Fletcher suppose to be an American, why on earth he wants to talk abt Britian's history?!!!!!

Correct me if am wrong....i got only P7 for my history though, so I could be wrong.

visithra said...

ttg : hey hows u ;) paavam jacky - im sure he thinks its awesome - so i guess u aint happy either ;p hehehe

gusti : i think that was coz they were desperately trying to find something to hold on to

but the dialogue is right - the us did bomb hiroshima - the us shined in ww2 - ww1 was more british - pearl habour was under the us as well

but it was still a disgusting line dialog

Gusti Adipati said...

Now i know why i got...P7....

Thanks babe!...

visithra said...

heheh nah - its a matter of confusion ;)