Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One liners

@ The world is filled with too many dumbos - yet you wonder how they reached their positions.

@ The dumb rule the world coz they mastered the art of sucking up

@ Most people take notes - not everyone understands what they wrote

@ Most people know how to read but very few can comprehend.

@ More people are against the political race based award read here, here, and here


Jesh said...

My, my, why all the fighting now. Fine, everybbody are entitle for their opinion, but pls not till it hurt others feeling. Maybe they accepting the nomination coz they wanna find out more whats the hidden agenda behind, maybe its fun being awarded ( makes the blogging world fun mah, just like now u can blog and make money at the same time, we must move with time, blogging world is not the same anymore). Or maybe all u bloggers have some kind of personel agenda against each other..... Just stop the bickering guys. Visithra, I am a regular reader of ur blog.

visithra said...

jesh : errr what fighting ?

none of the lines are connected to each other.

Hey I have no problem with people who excepted the nominations - thats not their fault

I'm just totally against the competition being organised by a political party that too for a race based blogging award - which makes no sense - you should read my post on this on why I'm against it - which I know you have

I sincerely don't believe bloggers need help - yes awards are nice - we all love them - but it depends on whose giving it

how come its ok to criticise the party but not all its actions?

Don't you think I can smell a pr plan miles away given thats what I do on a regular basis

I actually don't like anons coz - sometimes bloggers tend to comment as anons ;) - there are ips and trackers you know ;)

Mal said...

dear visithra,

i have been reading your blog 4 sum time now and wonder where you learn 2 capture amazing photos the way you do? mind sharing some places where i can learn capturing the moments of life?


visithra said...

mal : nice to know

well im self taught - theres a lot of sites you can learn from - plus u need to look at a lot of photos - flickr helps

google them and see

< naga > said...

Oh regarding the last line, you should check out this as well:


BawangMerah said...

Who's the dumb one, the one that learns to suck up, or the that doesn't? Perspective is a funny thing ;)

Madhavan said...

Hi visithra, i think you might be intrested in reading up these 2 articles as well.

visithra said...

naga : thanks will look at those - oh i do know they pulled out as well

bm : hehehe true true - but then the one who refuses to suck up has an ego issue ;p hehe

madhavan : actually no -

galahad said...

nice photograph, very colorful, but what is blogging