Monday, June 09, 2008


Kumudam Steals

I am so irritated.

What is wrong with all these publications. FLICKR IS NOT A FREE PHOTOGRAPHY SITE!

You want to use our images - contact us and pay the relevant sum. stop stealing our photos.

Kumudam Reporter - a Tamil weekly magazine in India has published one of my photos without my permission.

flickr users Bala and Sakthivel alerted me on this. I'm trying to get a copy of the magazine before I take my next step.


Baby said...

Aiya! Really aa? why so jahat?!

visithra said...

yeah damn irritated - coz they dont wanna pay for the usage rights

My days(Gops) said...

all in the game as always :) ...

long long long ago so long ago...sorry no history..

eppadi irukeeenga?

VenkiRagaV said...

Hi Visit,

I am not trying to be cheeky, but do you pay for all your subjects, who pose for your photos?

visithra said...

gops : hey how r u - im good otherwise;)

venki : thats a very simple question to answer - if i sold photos of my subjects I would pay them - but the fact is i don't - and they love being shot by me as long as I give them a copy of the photo

prabukarthik said...


Were you able to get hold of the magazine and identify the photo?

visithra said...

pk : yes a fellow photographer helped scan the page for me - its on the 27th page of kumudam reporter - im looking at options of what i can do next

its really irresponsible of them