Thursday, June 05, 2008


I never started blogging for fame. I loved to write and blogging made it so much easier and through that I met some wonderful friends and some not so wonderful people.

Last Sunday I laughed my head of when I saw this news on a Tamil news program on blogging, and non bloggers or opportunist bloggers giving their views on it. Blogging is now the most in-thing to do if especially if you're a politician. Every single donkey now claims they're a blogger. it's plain lame!

So when my stats leaped today, I was wondering what the hell was going on and behold the biggest idiocrasy ever. They're hosting a bloggers award (which I was nominated for and have requested to be removed) for indians and guess who are the organisers - a political party.

What is this need to put us around a circle called race when the whole idea of the internet is to create borderless connections? My reader list is incrediblly colourful, its beyond race and country - hence why I refrain from writing in any other language but english. Of course the occasional local dialogue does slip out but I often try my best to translate that. and hear some organisation wants to circle that.

why don't you go ahead and recognise our struggling musicians, designers, artists dancers and so on? Then doing something like this?

And then there's the blogger who gives out your personal number to people who are strangers to me. That's really LOW. I HATE that!!!

Seriously if you have so much money and time to waste let me know i'll help you channel it to my favourite charity.


bmahendran said...

blogging for fame, is totally wrong. but we cant say wat is right n wat is wrong nowadays, esp if its bout net world...

hey the Tamil show on RTm, i didnt see it, but heard how tat guy interviewed a non-blogger, who just cr8ed his blogspot n talked as if an xperience blogger who controls thousands of readers. I hate it when main stream media try to pick their own guy!! aaaa

neway, just my personal opinion, i dont think its wrong to do any such blogger award shows of a new era of accepttance and two-way communication.

visithra said...

mahen : its definetly a persons choice - like i said thats not y i blog

lol anyone knows that experts blog address? its not even pick its called creating own guy - which is precisely why im against this

i see it as a pr campaign - theyre gonna have the event - expect ppl to attend it and the next day - its gonna be all out in NESAN


i so ain't being a part of that -

like i said im not into anything that wants to celebrate the isolation of a race -

KaV said...

yep, i do agree tat blogging is not for fame...

about the awards thingy as a PR campaign, yeah, sure it is. They were proudly saying tat 50% of the nominees are critical of that certain political party.

So they've now nominated the bloggers whom they consider are the movers and shakers of the blogosphere, though I can hardly be in the same league as Mahen or you (I average only 50 unique hits per day). I guess I was probably nominated coz I argued every single crap they threw in their blog. And maybe coz of my foul language at times.

So now, I accepted the nomination coz I wanna see how open are they. Heck, IF I win smtng, I'd be happy to give NESAN a screenshot of one of my posts bashing them. I swear, I've nvr written anythg positive bout em.

One thing's for certain... It's gonna be a spectacle all right... We just aint gonna know how dramatic it will be...

visithra said...

kav : lol i give up on themla -

the listed bloggers don't even cover half of the bloggers i know - there goes the credibility of the award - what was the basis for the nominations? - how were they chosen? can they promise to be neutral and not rewrite the views of these bloggers?

yes theyre probably trying to convert you into their ideology -

and where did they get the figure that most bloggers are students? and theres apparently 1000 indian bloggers?

hehehe not that NESAN would post that screenshot - yeah i agree fun to watch - and would be fun watching it go down given the holes in it

visithra said...

btw blogging is not about how many ppl u attract or if u dont - u write coz u want to - n its ur space - there are a lot of bloggers who get lots of hits but their content doesn't make sense - but that doesnt make them any lesser a blogger

jintanputih said...

I browsed thru some of the blongs and some dont even deserve to be nominated, like the mere random substance-less rants of a teenager. WTH? Visithra, your blog has always been a colourful expresion of your feelings. I find it very eye opening to read some of your entries. Having said that, really recpect your desicion to request yourself to be removed from the list. But for me, you're the best indian female blogger! U go, gurl!

visithra said...

jintanputih : my other grouse with the competition is - so many bloggers weren't considered for the award - i have a feeling the organisers sat down n picked ppl they knew - thats mighty clever

as I see the contest unfold - i'm even more glad i pulled out

thanks - glad u dropped by ;)

praveen said...

On nominations..why yes, obviously those who are known are picked..For an example, I have been blogging so irregularly yet have been nominated.

Anywayz, leave the mechanics aside but I just feel uncomfortable being associated with a political organization. Its really up to people whether they would like to respect that or not.

visithra said...

praveen : tell me about it - some regularities should have been looked at - ppl should have been allowed to nominate

thats the worst part being associated with a political party - i dont think bloggers need help - we do fine