Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hunting in KL


All Women’s Action Society - AWAM annually organizes treasure hunts to raise funds to help women across Malaysia. The hunt was themed Hunting For Equal Footing.

I’ve always wanted to take part but I have a knack of not registering on time. This time we managed to do so and Kervin, his friend, Praveen, g and me teamed up. Joining the teams were also the top contestants from Amazing Race Asia.

This was my first time joining a professionally organized treasure hunt. We got there on time and registered ourselves before heading to the nearest mamak for food. By the time we got back to Timesquare, they had already started the briefing. We caught enough to figure it was gonna be really hard. Anyway we shaked on having fun ;p

The moment I got the questions (I was team leader) I scanned through the answers and realized we needed to find balloons. So I called up Praveen to see if they can spot any balloons but there was none in sight at the foyer. So we decided to fill up some of the questions first before heading to the first clue. The balloon location had something to do with tigers. So I put on my friendly face and approached one of the Times Square staff for clues. He ended up giving us ideas right up to the end.

The first question had us bewildered and so instead of wasting time we jotted a few answers and headed for the next question and we found the answer for the second question. Seriously the questions we re pretty hard. We tried to fill in information as much as we could but apparently we don’t think like the organizers.

While it was really hard, when the answers were finally revealed we realized most of the answers were plucked out of the air by the organizers involving anagrams and even 60s musicians. Yeah right how were we supposed to know who sang Rocky road and especially a group called Bad company. Or the fact about a Korean Singer??? So would it be ok if I suggested Tamil heroes for the next challenge? Or South African Singers?

Anyway we reached the 1st check point in the nick of time to realize we had to guess some of the answers as they began countdowning the checkpoint.

We collected the second set of clues and decided to split the group to get things done faster. There were fewer questions but they were harder than the first set.

The problem with the questions were some were anagram based others were pretty direct but how do you figure out which were which. Anyway we made our decisions and headed back and decided to google one of the questions. A samaritan at Starbucks willingly let me use his laptop and though I couldn’t find an answer he told me to comeback anytime to use his laptop.

Anyway we headed down after filling up the forms thinking that was al but apparently there was still another round of questions. My first reaction – WTF.

This time the search was inside the mall. So we headed to the directory to find the answers and decided it would be faster if we split the questions. By the time we got the answers we realized we were about to get penalized and decided to get the answers by phone and then submitting to the organizers. Lets just say we did lots of running around.

ITS all MINEEEEEEEEEEE We finally slumped down at the side of the stage exhausted. Since the next programme was starting in an hour and we were more exhausted than hungry, we decided to skip lunch. That’s when we made friends with these bunch of malay guys from one of the sponsor company teams whose bosses wife was also AWAM’s VP.

We were exchanging information on the clues and figuring whose answers would win whenever our answers were different. We even figured what to do with the balloons we had collected – a balloon fight of course! We had so much fun and so did the guys.

Anyway right before the lucky draw runs, they decided to have a contest for the guys and I edged the guys from the other team to go but they didn’t so of course we teased them. The first contestant on stage rocked the stage. They were supposed to dance with a football as sexy as possible. The one gauy who dropped the ball twice ended up being called no balls ;p poor thing ;p

As expected none of us won the lucky draw – I’ve never won a lucky draw ever. I’ve done things and answered questions to win prizes but never lucky draws. After the first batch of lucky draws they announced another contest for the gals to win an Adidas shirt. That’s when the malay guys challenged me to go on stage. Of course how could I say no to a challenge so I became the first person on stage – on the condition they better cheer me on. Guess who was on stage – it was yummylicious Rovilson from the Amazing Race Asia 2. heh we even had a conversation on stage.

He thanked me for joining him on stage (awwww) and then said I’m not sure what we’re gonna do and I added whatever is lets just have fun and he agreed (awwww).

We were tasked to dance with Rovilson. And the first gal rocked and I was like oh oh. Darn you have to do well. Apparently I rocked the stage coz the crowd was cheering. By the time I finished the 3rd contestant had run away and the 4 th gal went instead. She rocked to and Rovilson got naughty and flashed out money. ;p I’m sure you guys know who won. Of course the crowd had to decide who was the winner by cheering and thank god I got the 2nd highest cheer or my bunch of friends would have gotten kicked. ;p

Anyway the last gal won and we were given Adidas caps instead. See I told ya I always have to earn my gifts! ;p

The stage is mINE Then they revealed the answers and we were like what??? We ended up booing most of the answers since it was plain ridiculous. We still don’t get how those top winners won. But I guess they must be serious treasure hunters coz none of them smiled and we tried cheering them when they passed by but they still wouldn’t smile.

So we didn’t win but it was good fun and we had a good team. The point was to have fun and we did.

But seriously they have to figure out a sane way of deciphering the questions or stick to one style – we so can’t read people’s minds you know!


Aravind said...

>>So we didn’t win but it was good fun

he he.. thats the best part about treasure-hunts... u hav so much fun playing it that, you dont regret much even if u dont win! :P

>>Apparently I rocked

Adhu neenga sollave vendam... we know u always rock ;)

visithra said...

yeah its not about winning but about having fun ;) no regrets at all

heheheh yes i do ;p lol so the vain

Diyana said...

you're d real woman wif curves who rocked the stage aren't you!!!

me and my frens we're cheering like crazy for you!

visithra said...

diyana : lol alamak malula ;p

hehe yeah that was me - awwww thanks for cheering for me ;p