Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Freaking busy

My life is sooo freaking busy.

As the days pass and everything unfolds, I’m even more happy I withdrew from the political blogger award. There is no other way to deem it. The good thing is a lot of my anon readers have come out to comment. Nice to know. Plus seriously I don’t bite – I may take ages to comment though. ;)

Then there’s this new issue – with the plagirasation – I will be taking action on it – need to consult a few people first. Still totally pissed though. The bright side of it is – I realized that so many people out there do count me as a friend and are looking out for me. If they hadn’t alerted me I would have been totally oblivious to everything.

On a happier note – my brothers registration went on well. My brother is now a married man legally, though as most people know Indians don’t really recognize that ceremony as the official one. But yes we have someone new in the family, which is nice, hopefully life turns out well for the both of them. Congrats again kiddo. Hehe

My dear friend Kervin finally got his DSLR – we were supposed to buy it together but work had kept him pretty busy for the last few months. And so its awesome to seem him go “hey darn we can do those anymore” – all I can say is welcome to the shock and the walking we have to do to get those shots. Though that 50 mm is amazing isn’t it? ;p

Made a few decisions last week and am so glad I stuck to my guts. Always trust your gut feeling, it hasn’t really been wrong. I’m counting the days till the end of the next 3 months.

I’m missing my car lots – got so used to the car. Can’t wait to get it back.

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