Tuesday, June 03, 2008

For once ...

Will fate take a peace offering?You know you hear of weddings, engagements and events being abruptly postponed due to a death of a family member. Everyone gasps when they hear such a thing – as its so sudden, so unexpected.

Everyone wonders why it couldn’t be after said event and not before. It’s the only thing people feel like discussing during the funeral. You never think its ever gonna happen to you, its somebody elses pain, shock.

Believe me the shock is indescribable. You’re not sure who to console yourself, your brother the groom, your sister in law who just lost her father, her family, your mom who is shocked beyond words.

You sit there at the funeral listening to all this talk about the suddenness, its effects to the engagement and whats going to happen. You try not to react to all the talk that’s taking place, but it isn’t easy as you quietly listen to what people have to say.

Then you’re left with the huge task of telling people it’s postponed, and you’re still figuring out how to get it done. You spent countless time on the phone explaining everything and you’re just fed up with having to explain anymore but you don’t really have a choice.

Yet you still have to pick up stuff for the engagement, coz at some point things have to move on. You wouldn’t believe how heartless some people are. People actually had the gall to ask us to reconsider the gal. I’m like which age do this people live in?????


For once I wish I had a normal life
For once I wish I didn’t have to go through a lot of stuff just coz I can handle it
For once I wish I didn’t have to be strong for everyone

Ah yes we should really make things worse – someone must have had that brilliant idea.

As we were heading to the funeral, trying to look for their house, a school van decides to ram into my car. Yes ram not hit. He didn’t even hit his breaks and was driving like a maniac. As every sane person would do, I slowed down to take a corner and I knew he was going to hit us coz I saw his van charging at us through the mirror.

We moved about 400ms coz of the impact and if I hadn’t turned in time, I’d have hit another car. All three of us were shaken, coz it had been a really hard impact. I turned back to see if he was going to go crazy again and just held on to the steering to gain my composure.

All I can say is thank god we were in the Honda and I had decided to drive. Otherwise we would have taken my moms small flat backed Kelisa and from the look of my car and the impact, we could have all died. That’s the exact thing the cop who photographed my car said.

Heck my curvy brake lights seem to have straightened from the impact. Thank god there were no children in the school van, I would have slapped the living daylights out of the driver. He was apologetic and really shaken, he couldn’t even talk.

So there I was pacifying him and mom who looked like she was about to have a panic attack. Anyway we had to finish the funeral first before we got stuck waiting for the cops at the station.

Idiot had the gall to tell the cop I stopped in the middle of the road. Unfortunately for him no one was buying his story and he got scolded by the cop. Making police reports aren’t hard but getting out of the hands of those workshops and tow car agents can be nearly impossible. You can see the dolar signs in their eyes as they saw the brunt of damages on the car. When I went back to collect the report, 10 guys surrounded my car to give me “advice”. I so hate them! If I needed your help I would ask you. You don’t need to surround me like a pack of vultures!

Now everyone thinks it’s the cars fault. Poor thing. To me I think the cars saved my life twice already, now I love the car even more. I don’t get why people have to blame everything else for everything that goes round.

All I can say is this too shall pass.

PS: will fate take a peace offering? i need a break


geetha said...

Coincidence and that leaves everything hanging for a while. So sorry for the suddeness, but yes, life goes on..

Wow! A school van being so reckless. That is definitely scary.. Thank God that you guys are ok.

Pixelated Mo said...

im glad all of you are ok...

poor Honda.... i trust it will be back on the road in a few months :)

visithra said...

geetha : thanks for stopping by - yeah life foes on - i know i was so angry it was a school bus

thank god indeed

mo : thanks - yes we are

in a few weeks - poor honda indeed

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