Monday, June 30, 2008

Daddy don't kiss me!!

Daddy don't kiss me!!!!

Friend : Ello pass kepada you punya clerk (pass the phone to the clerk)
Me : huh what clerk ??? Oi lusu
Friend : huh? Ops ;p

That’s how my Saturday morning started, as early as 8 am. While my nut friend kept repeating ok you can go back to sleep, we ended up yakking for more than hour.

Friend : ok you can go back to sleep now
Me : sleep??? How am I supposed to go back to sleep?

And that call sparked my mom and I to drive down to Seremban to finally meet his cute little daughter. I haven’t had the time to visit them since she came back from JB and everytime I picked a date my mom wouldn’t be free and she insisted on following me.

Shhh don’t tell him we’re just 30 minutes away ;p He’d kill me ;p

Cutiepie alert Safe in grandma's arms She stole my toyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

The darling actually rarely cries, it’s just she got hungry at the precise moment I was trying to photography both father and daughter. So I got to feed her instead. She is such a father’s pet, she keeps looking for him and looking at the direction his voice was coming from, and practically ignoring us eventhough we were playing with her.

Sigh children are so beautiful ;) they warm your heart and pull your heart strings.

She held my finger ..... Kid managed to have 2 naps in between all this, she just suddenly got up and decided she liked looking at me. As you can see she’s got me around her little fingers. Or she sensed I was about to steal her toy.

Somehow I accidentally stole her little bell toy and while we were driving back I found it in my bag. Ops I really didn’t mean to steal from a kid! Scouts promise!

When I told my friend I had accidentally took his kids toy he called me a


Opssy it wasn’t my fault! ;p


mag duru said...

am glad to have visited your blog. it's simply fascinating.
keep it up and remain blessed.

anasalwa said...

My goodness Visithra, she is so adorable and beautiful. Is she their first child?

visithra said...

mag : welcome here - thanks

ana : she is isnt she ;p yep their first kid ;)

geetha said...

I am sure her dad will cherish the capture you took of both of them... nice :)

visithra said...

geetha ; oh he loves them ;) he was so happy to see the photos ;p

praveen said...

great shot with good backdrop and lighting..

btw, i still think janu is cuter....wakakkakakkakaka...cough cough

visithra said...

thanks dear - heheh nooooooooooooooo my cutiepie is cuter ;p n u know it ;p