Monday, June 23, 2008

Crazy June

  • June kicked of with a bang a funeral and literally getting my car banged by a reckless idiot on the very last day of May.
  • Bangle shopped till we dropped – I'm a certified accessory addict!
  • My brother’ registration took place despite the unexpected incident.
  • A lovely photowalk out in KL
  • Found out a magazine stole my photo - working on the action plan now
  • A friends bday celebration at the kids home – Agathians Shelter....... That was some good time. The kids were ever excited to see us. At one point the guys decided to get them to see boys as always best. Of course we couldn’t let that be. So I told the kids if that’s so then I was gonna leave. Immediately the kids declared GALS WERE THE BEST!!! Hehehe nothing like good old blackmailing.
  • Premier of Night Shyamalan' new movie Happening and that was the day LDP decided to craze up and I had to do stunts to get to Midvalley and forgo my Vietnamese dinner and instead have Mcds. Argh
  • Happening was awesome scary till the screwed up ending. I mean how could you go Bollywood on us???? Arghhhh. – After drinks made up for the bollywoodness of the movie where we discussed the movie, desperate women, ppls weird yoga notions, hot men, and weird people ;p
  • Took the train after ages – due to being carless for 2 weeks – even reached the station earlier than our agreed pickup time – ended up getting pissed by flirty taxi driver trying to be bollywood hero
  • Watched the unbelievably boring Dasavatharam – wished I hadn’t wasted my time.
  • Headed to Titiwangsa for another surprise birthday party which ended at 3 am.
  • Crawled out of bed 3 and half hour later for the Awam Treasure Hunt – awesome fun
  • Finished reading a few books this month ;p and bought a bunch as well – burnt a hole in my pocket in the process.
  • Got addicted to card games called Saboteur ;p
  • A few farewell lunches
  • Watched the Kung Fu Panda – excellent fun – loved it.
  • Finally visited the Gardens (shopping mall) – they have some lovely restaurants – good food, gorgeous ambiance.
  • Spent the last 2 weeks super processing my brothers registration photos – my mother is a SLAVE driver. Poor victim = ME ;(
  • Launched V-Eyez Imagery.
  • My sweet lovely CAR is back! Met weird people while picking it up and even found a souvenier – the left a walkie inside the car. I should keep it for ransom ;p
  • Partied a few times this month after staying of my feet for the last 3 months.
  • Got invites to the Nuffnang Wild Party – had fun dressing up for it – note to self – it takes longer to get ready for costume parties!
  • And there’s still another week for June to end! Yikes ;p


< naga > said...

LOL.. do you by any chance need a manager or something? At least a PA?


That's quite a list of activities!

visithra said...

lol - i may need one - but its kinda manageable for now ;p

the prob is i get bored easily