Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wedding series 1

The moment...Weddings are a source of entertainment. Attend enough and you’ll be an expert on the various characters. So here’s the first of a series on wedding characters. Let’s take a look at the families that run these weddings.

The whatever its not that I have a choice ones

These are rare but normally dad’s fall into these – their wives run the show while they just dish out the cash. Always found standing at the sides yakking with friends until the wife calls him or found looking really bored during the saree buying sessions.

The snobbish
These are the ones who look you up and down, check out what jewelery you’re wearing or what car you drive before they smile a 100 watt fake smile at you. Tends to turn upnose at the other party’s family. Will only welcome their own people.

I can’t wait till its over
There’s a look of tense written all across their faces throughout the wedding. Ask them how they are and they tell you ask me after the wedding. Found sitting at a corner totally exhausted after the wedding.

The perfectionist
These are the scary kind. Everything has to be according to plan and their ideas. Every other idea is kicked out the door or sent sailing across the seven seas. One missing bow on the elaborate bridesmaid/ flowergal/ lamp gals will send them on a panic frenzy. Found drilling holds into everyones head all day long!

The my way is the only way kind
No one else has an opinion – these are scarier than the perfectionist. Everything has to be according to plan and their ideas. Every other idea is kicked out the door or sent sailing across the seven seas Everyone has to do and wear whatever they want. Never hesitates to dicatate what they want, how much they want or what they think the other person should do.

The Sane
These are the weddings you want to attend, coz one side the brides having fun and not stressing out about the missing bow on the little bridesmaid, the parents are welcoming both sides of the family and force you to eat. There’s lots of laughter, you so wish they had another child to marry off just so you can attend another sane wedding!


ada-paavi!!!! said...

u gonna get married? ivloav analysis on wedding, so wat type wedding u gonna have?

VISITS getting married!!!

Me said...

visit nejamava?? u getting married aa?

idha paaru

Anonymous said...

You are the Eye.....
The Sight....
The glory of waking Dreams..

justme said...

i came to ur blog coz i was searching for title song for the serial premi...well just wanted to say u have some interesting entries...

visithra said...

vatsan : as usual la u - naradar

me : u dont go listen to him he naradar - ooh have to check that out

anon : lol

just me : thanks - i guess u found that premi post eh ;p