Friday, May 09, 2008

Super slow

Today moved super slow and it wasn’t because I had nothing much to do and was lazing in front of the pc. I left the office at 1 ish to go to the bank, met them, filled up forms, did this and that and then headed for lunch. And if you know me I’m a real slow eater.

Then I headed of to meet someone before heading of to a meeting.and waited half an hour for my boss and by the time the meeting was over it was only 4 pm!

Thinking I would only finish at 5 ish I had packed my laptop and all and there I was thinking what to do at 4 – so I headed back to the office and it was still just 4.30pm!

Today was a super slow day!


BawangMerah said...

Kalau dah slow, carilah butang fast-forward. Bukankah senang begitu? Heheh.

Damn my malay is so damn rusted hahah.

visithra said...

hheheheh - yealah - but then thats biasala - we rarely speak in malay kan ;p