Wednesday, May 28, 2008

“Squawking My Way to Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging”

RedOneRedone: psst did you hear (whispering)

ObiWhitekaneobi : Hear what???

Redone: shhhhhhh keep your voice down

ObiWhitekaneobi : Hear what??? (whispers)

Redone: There’s gonna be a wild party!!!

ObiWhitekaneobi : PARTYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yayyyyy Partyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

Redone: shhhhhhh how many times do I have to tell you to lower your voice??? You don’t want everyone to know!!!!

ObiWhitekaneobi : We don’t???? why?????

Redone: Because if everyone knows – we don’t get to go

ObiWhitekaneobi : uhhhhh go where?

Redone: why did they ever name such a dumb bird after the great Obi (rolls eyes)

ObiWhitekaneobi : whose Obi?

Redone: grrrr nevermind

ObiWhitekaneobi : awwww you never tell me anything


ObiWhitekaneobi : aaaaa sorry reddy

Redone: and stop calling me reddy – its Sir Redone the great to you!

ObiWhitekaneobi : aaa ok Sir Redo

Redone: not Sir Redo you dummy!!! its Sir redone

ObiWhitekaneobi : uhhhhhhh

Redone: Can we get back to the party???

ObiWhitekaneobi : What party???

Redone: The WILD PARTY????


ObiWhitekaneobi : Oh YAYYYY the WILD PARTY – we’re going we’re going?? We are going aren’t we?

Redone: now listen carefully we need to get invited to the Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging party

ObiWhitekaneobi : we do?

Redone: why do I even bother?

ObiWhitekaneobi : Bother what

Redone: I am gonna strangle that parrot neck of yoursssss

ObiWhitekaneobi : Polly wants a cracker! Polly wants a cracker!

Redone: Shut up you idiot – you’re not even Polly. That @#%#$ Polly is a disgrace to our kind

ObiWhitekaneobi : Awww but she’s hottttt – do you think she’ll come?

Redone: Who cares if she comes!!!

ObiWhitekaneobi : But I like Polly – I wanna do the bogey with her? Do you think we can bogey????

Redone: Bogey???? We’re not going there to party you idiot??

ObiWhitekaneobi : ooooh we aren’t???

Redone: (slaps ObiWhitekaneobi)

ObiWhitekaneobi : ouchhhhhhhhhhh why’d you do that for???

Redone: That’s for being such a blur case??? Have you forgotten???

ObiWhitekaneobi : Forgotten what???

Redone: My plan???

ObiWhitekaneobi : uhhhh what plan???


ObiWhitekaneobi : why’d you wanna do that???

Redone: So I can rule the world you moron!!!

ObiWhitekaneobi : oooh yeah but why at the party??? Can’t we party first???

Redone: Coz everyone will be there!!

ObiWhitekaneobi : They will???

Redone: Yes everyone will want to be there and once we have the world under our beaks – everyone will be my slave – and all the chicks will be in MY control - MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

ObiWhitekaneobi : Can I have Polly???? Can I have Polly???? Pretty Please??

Redone: Oh Shut up you idiot – and just get us the damn invites to the Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging

ObiWhitekaneobi : Polly wants a cracker! Polly wants a cracker!