Monday, May 05, 2008

Samsung SGH i450

I’ve had the Samsung SGH i450 for the last 3 weeks. I got to fully use the phones features after receiving the memory card from Samsung. I’ve already written about one of my favourite features the music player.

Let’s look at the phone closer. The phones design is pretty sleek and the sliding mechanism has also been smooth. Slightly on the larger side, the keypads make texting and navigation easy. The phones display orientation changes according to which way you slide it. The one negative point would be the phone locks itself on the previous orientation when its closed. What I love about the design is how well fitted the back cover is. One of the problems I had with my previous phone was the cover started falling off after a while, which was a common problem with similar shaped covers.

The other thing I like is all the connecting ports for the charger, usb, earphones are protected by covers just like on digital cameras – handy in keeping dust away. You’ll also find the buttons for the camera and volume control on both sides of the phone.


Screenshot – now this is really cool, you can capture every section on the phone with a simple click of a button.

Access points
The phones big on access points, while most phones provide 4 main access points, you can customize 9 access points to your preference and also see your saved calendar details for the day as well as instantly access google.

You can choose to either list your menu or line them up in grids.

Trip Distance timer
Though the GPS application was downloaded into the phone, the feature couldn’t be used but you can still use one cool feature in it – the Trip Distance timer. Activate it to see how long your trip takes.

The coolest part of the clock section is the world time feature. With friends all across the world, bloggers like me won’t need to keep asking their net friends of their local time.

Ther phone also contains a converter that calculates various measurements such as currency, mass, pressure and more. You;ll have to set the foreign currency rate first for easy calculation. Handy for the frequent traveler.

Voice Signal Identifier

The phone has a voice signal identifier. Say a name based on your contact list, the software identifies the closest names and once you confirm the name it immediately calls the number. Not the fastest feature but definitely cool. Most of all it’s a convenient function to use when the phones set to handsfree and you need to make a call while driving,

The video editing tool lets you edit videos effortlessly. You can even remove the audio and replace it with existing audio or do a live dub. I'll post up a video later.

You can also create photomovie with the software which allows you to choose your photos, select transition, insert narration, time lapse and intensify the colours based on your preference.

Here’s a photomovie of shots taken at the temple during new year using the Samsung SGH i450.

I also tried to create a movie using photos taken with my digital camera and it worked. I just watched the videos on youtube and I like what i see.

The camera is not the strongest feature of the phone but what I’ve noticed is it takes excellent black and white shots even during low light situations. Also if you press the asterisk key a help menu pops out for easy access to the camera effects.

Pros and Cons

So far the Symbian 60 3rd edition has performed quite well. While the camera is not a strong point of the phone, the music player is. The phone combines some of the best points of both Sony Ericson and Nokia phones. One point I don’t like about the phone is I keep having to switch between the phone and memory card’s memory space. So I have to recheck where I’ve saved the files before downloading them. As my smses end up being saved in the phones memory coz of this, I keep having to delete Bluetooth transferred files before downloading the next. I countered this by transferring files through PC data transfers – its pretty fast too.

I haven’t been able to download my internet settings for Maxis (telco provider) though we’ve tried quite a few times. Apparently maxis does not have the settings for this particular model. I’m not sure if its because the phone is new or its an error on either Maxis or Samsungs side. I’ll be taking the phone to a mobile shop to check this out.

The Samsung SGH i450 is an affordable phone compared to phones from other brands providing similar features. At RM 1500, the phone performs pretty well.

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