Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mr doggy

I met the scariest dog ever. He freaked me out so much he definetly deserves a post, we had gone to a family friends place to invite them for brothers engagement. As we walked to her house this huge dog leaped at us. On four legs the dog’s half my height, if it stood on two legs it would probably be as tall as me about the size of a young grizzly bear I think. Since Mr doggy was inside the house which has two doors, the aunty held him as we walked in, the moment she let him go out, he dived towards me - that scared the hell out of me!

Anyway Mr doggy kept on eyeing us while we were talking, throwing in an occasional growl or 2.

Me : err how are we going to get out?
Bro : you go out first and let the dog bite you, we will run out.
Me : ????? but the keys with me you can go home
Bro : once the dog bites you, you’ll need someone to take you to the hospital
Me : adapavi (what???)

Apparently they rather sacrifice me – so much for a brother! ;p

As we were preparing to leave, Mr doggy ran towards the door we had come in through and was silently waiting there for us, luckily the aunty knew him very well and warned us. Walking out of the house was seriously scary.


Me said... like your bro...

visithra said...

lol enna nalla manusu - im sure he will like u too