Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Locked out

I was reading Bawangred’s post on locking yourself in or out coz you forgot your keys. That post brought memories back coz I would have to be the queen of forgetfulness.

See I’ve been carrying a set of keys to our house since I was 14. When my dad was diagnosed with kidney failure and began his dialysis treatment, my mom wouldn’t be at home most of the time when either one of us got home as she’d follow him for his treatments. Believe me those are treatments you don’t want to go through alone. So they’d leave in the morning and dad would drop her back later in the afternoon or vice versa. Knowing the familys penchant on losing keys, we always had an extra key in the house.

So if I left home when mom was at home, I’d occasionally forget to bring the key. So when I got home from school, I’d be stuck waiting outside our house gate. Now didn’t I tell you I was a tomboy?

Instead of waiting outside in the hot sun, I’d throw my bag over the gate and climb our huge gate in my school uniform and sit in the verandah drawing doodles and kolams in my doodling book. My parents would get back and give me the wheres your key look.

Now if you think I’m bad, my mom is worse. Sometimes we’d follow dad out in the mornings to KL and take a bus back only to realize we don’t have our keys with us. So the three of us would either wait outside or walk around the neighbourhood to the restaurant or a neighbours place and kill time. Dad of course couldn’t believe how impossible the three of us were! ;p

I think in runs in the blood thanks to mums side of the family – coz dad had never forgotten his keys!

Anyway you’d think I’d have grown some memory cells in the last few years.

There was one time I’d got back late around 1 am and realized I’d forgotten my keys. Unfortunately on that day, there was a funeral taking place next door. So I tried to knock on the door as quiet as possible and call home but no one responded. So I did the next best thing, I got into the backseat of my car and fell asleep. Around 5 am I hear my mom opening the door to pluck her flowers (yes mom wakes up that early). I hadn’t really slept well coz I was being eaten alive by mosquitos, so I got up grumbled something to my very shocked mom and dragged myself to bed.

My family had a good laugh – I wasn’t laughing then coz the car so wasn;t comfy!

Anyway just last week, I ended up getting locked out again! You see I took mom out for dinner and dropped her back home before I went out. Now mom proceeds to take my keys to open the door. Only after I got back later that night did I realize what mom had done. So I called home, my moms mobile and knocked the door. 10 minutes pass by and mom still doesn’t respond, so I call my brother who tells me his too far away to come home and lets me know I’m sure I could sleep in the car again!

I have such a loving brother!

So I try again and my knocks and shouts get louder. Finally 30 minutes later mom suddenly responds and by then I’m fuming mad. I so need to find a secret key location so mom won’t steal my key!

Its not as if I’m not gonna forget them! ;p


Me said...

thamizh film style la learn to open the lock with the hair pin...

visithra said...

hehehe - that not vehlakaran style? me no know how to do that oh - n our lock very the complicated - its easier to saw it off - apparently ;p