Thursday, May 08, 2008

Kuala Sepetang

Smile all overWe reached Kuala Sepetang as the fish started arriving and despite saying I loved boat rides and I didn’t think this one was gonna freak me – it did. I have no idea how they manage to stand on that wobbly boat without holding on to anything and the balance is precautious – it topples towards any weight.

We were the laughing stock of the town that evening, 2 city gals trying to take a boat ride. Thankfully the boat driver was so sweet and it costs about 10 sen to cross over – wow. So after managing our fears and nearly screaming out in fear we manage to squat on the boat holding to dear life to the sides of the small thing.

That’s when I notice this interesting little sea insects – that looked like alien cockroaches walking around the boat – I’m not afraid of them but there is no way I would sit straight if one ran over me – thankfully none did. My friend didn’t even notice the thing – it was her 3rd trip and she was still scared.

Kuala sepetang is made of a small Chinese fishing village. We didn’t talk much to the locals as the men were acting a bit weird. Funny.

I dont want to look at you People always wonder how some people can return to the same place so many times and never get bored. Its like my love for Penang, I’ve walked the streets so many times yet each time I discover new things and shoot new stuff. This time it was a children shoot. We had a bunch of 7 children shyly approaching us. They couldn’t speak a word of malay but the cam’s a good tool to create interaction.

Fisherman's village between rain Scratchy fish
Again it rained cats and dogs. There was a guy who was following us rather me as most of my friends know I always attract weirdos. I answer questions to be polite but he started irritating me to the max. I told him we were from butterworth penang and the next thing he wants to know exactly where. I ignored him.

I would so like to be ignored for once – really I do. The last time I checked I do not look like some bollywood actress, but I continue to be a weirdo magnet – even when I’m not polite. My friends find it hilarious and sometimes helpful I find it plain irritating. Sigh.

We passed a funeral house and were surprised to find it empty. Weirdo informs me the guy killed himself. I think the Chinese don’t attend such funerals – bad chi or something. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Shy Cutesys Peeking

We spotted the children carrying three newborn kittens and stopped them in their tracks to shoot the little kittens with the kids. Smiles are definetly universal language – you really don’t need words.

What are you looking at? Kitty protectors

Throught the day we had bouts of “now you see rain now you don’t”.

Bored everyday Hummm waiting Shipments ready Watch out Cuties Cycling through Lone ranger

After walking around the small village, we headed towards the mangrove swamp.


Maran said...

The kids shots look cute. :)

gina said...

Port Weld people are not weird. They are accustomed to familiar faces all year round, they know each other by names or names of families. So, if a stranger happen to drop by, it would arouse curiosity.

There are some weirdos around - some walk around town topless and some will ask plenty of questions. But they meant no harm.

I know. Coz my mom grew up there and I am always there on every Chinese New Year.

visithra said...

maran : thanks ;)

gina : i think the whole weirdo thing had to do with me - i attract weird attention - my friend had been there before n she didnt have this problem

n im not sure if the ones who were following us were residents or workers - but it gets scary - i think u understand

thats y i said men - the children were lovely to talk with eventhough there was a language barrier

and oh dear how do u stand on that boat?

gina said...

Lol! I think I had been on ONE boat ride there in my entire life of existence.

In Chiang Mai, I went on two boat rides, it was pretty ok despite me being hell clumsy and fat. Haha!

visithra said...

whoaaa - i dont think u wanna attempt that again - heheh most boat rides are funla ;p