Wednesday, May 21, 2008

KL drowns you


Last week was super crazy. Monday night I got invited to the Outer Rim jazz concert. Will write more on that later.

Then the weekend was not only my nephews wedding weekend but I had to attend another 3 weddings not counting his 2 ceremonies.

The night before his wedding we headed of to his house after the nallangu (pre-wedding ceremony) to chit chat and help them pack laddus for the wedding.

Oh yes I didn’t make an error, my nephew who is my age actually older than me is the one whose getting married.

There are one of my favourite relatives probably because they married into our family and we had been family friends before. The laddu packing session was so funny, one moment the men ganged up on saree prices and how no one asks them on vetti prices or where they bought their vetti.

They were so sure they were winning until I told them what difference does it make about them getting a vetti, it’s not as if you guys will wear it again. Getting them to wear it for the wedding itself is nearly impossible. We women would buy sarees and wear them and in case we didn’t wear them to some function you’d sulk saying oh you wore sarees to your famile side functions and not mine! So live with it ;p

The men of course didn’t know what to say. This was sparked by confessions by an aunty that she still can’t tie the saree properly and my niece and cousin insisting me or mom come by to tie the saree for them. The winning point for this was – see even though they can’t tie the saree they still wear it! ;p

We had a laddu packing competition, my mother is impossibly competitive! My niece was so pressured to pinning as many packets that she refused to hand my mom the second box. Lol we had lots of laughter – laughed so much our tummies hurt.

The momentAnyway I rushed from work to his wedding on Friday. My 12 year old darling nephew was waiting for me there. He refuses to call me aunty eventhough my cousin (his mom) keeps reminding him. Funny though he calls my brother uncle ;p

Then my little nieces and nephews turned up – I have lost count on the number of nieces and nephews I have coz most of my cousins are married and I rarely meet them. Fortunately the children warm up to me immediately and again don’t call me aunty ;p

Anyway while I was enjoying a cup of payasam (sweet milk desert) Praveen calls me and while we were talking she bumps into another photographer friend of ours. Now they both of us were supposed to meet but till today we’ve only spoken on the phone twice coz she keeps bumping into Praveen.

What does this have to do with weddings? You’ll know later.

Anyway I had to attend the wedding dinner on Saturday. It was either that or get blasted for not going. The only problem was I had to attend the Blogmob party as well – so I finally decked myself in a saree and headed to Blogmob. More on that later.

So right after Blogmob, I tried to find the hall. Turns out it was pretty easy and I wasn’t really late coz they had just begun to cut the wedding cake when I entered the hall.

Seriously we should have all turned up in shorts, the hall was freaking hot, apparently the brides family couldn’t find any other hall. So there we were sweating buckets when I thought I recognized someone. I kept looking and then I thought I recognized her sisters so I walked up to her and tapped on her shoulder.

She : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Me : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (hugs all around)
She : oh my god
Me : I know – I thought it was you!

Surprise of all – the photographer I had been talking to on Praveens phone was there at the wedding. She is now another niece to me since the bride was related to her.

Yes the world is too small – KL drowns you. So while we were furiously fanning ourselves with our hands, we exchanged stories and met each others families.

By the time I reached home it was 1 am and we had to go for a 5 am wedding the next day. So three hours later I grudgingly woke up and dragged myself to another wedding. I actually wanted to attend the wedding as the bride is a close family friend.

Natural poser Joy Do you love me???? On her wedding day Light to shine through the marriage I garland thy ....

I had fun taking photos, but the official photographer was a bit cross with me though I stirred clear of his path. I love the shots that came out of it, even made friends with the priest ;p

There were 2 more functions to attend that day, I refused to go for the afternoon wedding and opted to sleep instead. Its atrocious to have only 3 hours sleep on a Sunday!

So I had a late lunch, did some errands and got ready for the next function – an engagement at the same temple as the mornings wedding. There I bump into my friend and his fiancĂ©, who happened to be ex colleagues of the bride – another family friend and it doesn’t end there – apparently the bride from the mornings wedding who was my family friend was her aunty.

Naturally when my outing plans with Kerv got cancelled, I opted to veg out at home since I had a busy day at work the next day. Work was good, can’t say the same about certain peoples attitude though.

So yet another hectic weekend – and I conclude KL drowns you. Now to get my hands on tickets to Indiana Jones! Anyone has extra bookings? ;p plsssssssss


Me said...

visit..unmaya sollu...did you pack the laddus or did you eat all of them..

geetha said...

must have enjoyed yourself taking loads of photos! :)

bmahendran said...

the ponnu pic is nice...

visithra said...

me : cheh my nephew said samething - i packed only - next day after eating it and finding so tasty - i got more from their house ;p

geetha : yeah i did

thanks mahen - shes pretty kan ;p