Monday, May 05, 2008

Gone but not forgotten

in memorialThis is a long overdue post – I had been to Penang last December for a holiday. While I was there we headed towards Taiping to check out a fishermans village and mangrove. Here’s the first part of my trip there.

We were heading towards Taiping to check out 2 things, the Kuala Sepetang fishermans village and the mangrove reserve.

But since we were already in taiping we decided to stop at the Taiping Lake Gardens – the jewel of Taiping. I have heard so much about the place thankfully it lived up to its name. really beautiful and peaceful. The waters even clean. By then the manthra of the trip rain – I got wet from day 1 to day 4. the good thing was whenever it rained the weather was beautiful to walk in but not so great to take photos in. oh well I prefer the coldness to the 4 hours of heat I had on Saturday that drained my energy for the next 2 days.

World war 2 memorialThe gardens is at the foot of Maxwell hill which has a malay name but I;ve forgotten it. Very beautiful and misty throughout my trip. Drive towards the mountains and you’ll reach the world war 2 memorial near the foot of the mountains. I have this thing for cemeteries – so much character and I kinda like reading the inscription.

Some of the tomb stones didn’t have names but the ones that did had details on their regime, the army they represented and sometimes their age. So many young lads died for t\he war, I never see the point of war. I don’t think they did too. As weird as this might sound I realized one of the battles were fought around Christmas and the new year and I actually started searching for my date of birth. I am so weird! Didn’t find any though but I always assumed Christmas was a no war day, humm I guess I was mistaken.

3a Gone but not forgotten World war 2 memorial

Hungry from a busy morning, we made our way to town and dropped in at this restaurant which I can’t name at the moment blame it on memory. But its easy to spot, it’s the most done up place around on of the corner of one of the blocks on the main road.

Food was excellent and so were the drinks. So check the place out if you ever drop by Taiping. We were told that there’s a haunted museum on the way to Kuala Sepetang. We had wanted to check it out on the way back but it had gotten dark and we were supposed to get back to Penang to meet someone so we decided not to stop. All right we chickened out, as curious as I am I so don’t do haunted places at night. That too in small groups.


Balajoe said...

Further up is an Indian temple and a great place to take shower.

I often pass by this place when I am in Taiping but surprisingly it is always raining at these times.

Did not really had the chance to stop and take pictures.

visithra said...

oooh didnt know that

well ull have to walk around with an umbrella ;p