Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chasing Surya

Noooo I wasn’t chasing the sun, we were chasing droolishes actor Surya.

One of my friends happens to know the assistant director of Surya’s next movie Ayan which is being shot in Malaysia. So he has been telling to come by and watch the shoot and meet him. We’ve also been telling him to take some time out so we can take him around KL. Unfortunately he’s been pretty busy, so on Sunday we decided to catch the shooting and so began our race around KL trying to locate him.

You try getting directions from a foreigner, its nearly impossible but thankfully I know KL. So after piecing everything together, I figured where the shoot was and behold we found it and we were amazed where they were shooting.

This one shot is gonna make me watch the movie. They were shooting a race scene on the banks of the klang river! That’s super crazy. You should see the condition of the car, and the brunt it had to take as it crossed the huge drains. Its another story that the picked such a polluted river!

(surya is in the car - they're shooting a scene in there.)

So we’re there ogling over Surya, when we find our friends friend and we tell him over the phone we can’t get on the other side as they’re not letting us to stop. So we ask him to say hi to Surya and he does, and Surya waves at US!!!! Hehe woohoo

Anyway we got bored watching them set up from so far away, the reflectors lights and all, so we decided to try our luck and go stop the car again.

I stopped right at the shooting spot and told the rela guy (voluntary cops) we knew someone and he didn’t believe us until he came by to say hi. You should have seen his shocked face – that was so classic.

Anyway we didn't see Surya coz we didn’t want him to get in trouble (people were looking for him) plus we really shouldn’t park there. So we may meet them again, who knows but lets see. I'd like to mee Jothika instead though. For now enjoy the photos.


Shiv said...

this is just awesome

Raz said...

here are a few tit bits

surya is actually v rude when u see him outside expect for publicity stunts.

i am suppose to ve my best frnd as one of the associate dir in that movie. but unfortunately he neither wants to be my friend or choose the movie - coz he thinks surya sucks

no offens met - ask shiv n kavi, i am a die hard fan of surya.

visithra said...

ahiv : hehe yeah it was - hopefully we get to see him again

raz : here's the thing - was he personally rude to you ?

we've been hearing nice stuff about him through the crew - but we do hear hes very reserved - and seriously i don't blame him

another friend of mines's friend apparently met him while he was shooting somewhere in India and managed to record a 20 minute conversation with him - thats a lot of patience if you ask me

seriously if he was so rude - i don't think he would have waved to us just coz an assistant director asked him to - coz he simply doesn't need to

reserved can always be mistaken for rude - so its a matter of perspective

again i only met him across a river - if i do meet him ill blog about what happened

visithra said...

btw what do you mean with this

i am suppose to ve my best frnd as one of the associate dir in that movie. but unfortunately he neither wants to be my friend or choose the movie - coz he thinks surya sucks

----- ur friend doesnt want u to visit the set?

geetha said...

Wow! that's great.. having a chance to see Surya, even at a distance.

Wish I had the chance too. Like you, would have loved to see Jhotika :)

Malashini said...


Anonymous said...

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visithra said...

geetha : hehehe yeah - my heart was gonna leap out ;p

yeah if i had met him i would have asked about jo ;p miss her

mala : hehehe actually i never got to see him close but my friend met him n we are all suffering a serious cause of stomach burning ;p hehehe

anon : err thanks


My friend got to meet Surya and he was extremly nice - even had the courtesy to ask her if she had lunch and whether she was coming for the next days shooting when he bumped into her again - yes we're all gone SUrya crazy - doesn;t help when she flashes his photo at us everytime we see her ;p

Jerryrock6 said...

Lucky u.........Hope my dream to meet him and tell my dream script comes true soon