Friday, May 02, 2008

Bend it like cheryl

Bend it like CherylYou know you're lucky when your friend insists on saving a space in front of his house porch so you won’t have to limp too far.

You realize you have a sense of humour when you crack numerous limping jokes about yourself.

You feel blessed that most people in this country are a wonderful bunch when you slowed down 10 people while trying to limp down a stairs at a restaurant.

While I’m still limping, these pass 2 weeks have been pretty interesting, I’ve realized a lot of things mostly why I love living in this country.

At the height of my limping period, one of our friends hosted a karoeke pizza party and he insisted on saving a space for me in front of his house. I am truly blessed with wonderful friends. I hadn’t seen a lot of them for some time now so it was definitely a great meet. In between pizzas and watching Johans daughter digitally cook for me, stories and laughter were exchanged. Then they released the karaoke machine and my god the scoring system brought out the competitiveness in us. We actually scored 14 for la bamba – well you can’t blame us for not being able to speak in Spanish right ;p

The 7 inch series The 7 inch series : part 2

I teamed up with Inaz to score the nights highest mark 96 points! Whoa ;p we sang everything under the sun no make that moon, from old hit songs to nursery rhymes! Well we couldn’t figure out what to sing so we sang a few nursery rhymes!

After a while my fingers started itching and I moved to the shooting section to shoot a new series – never ever wear matching clothes or interesting Ts to one of our flickrmeets ;p

Spiderwomen? Reaching out Bend it like Cheryl

We also had Cheryl, whose a part time yoga instructor, effortlessly pose for us.

By the time it was time to go home we were all pooped- the signal of good times I would presume.

ps : I love the title ;p


gina said...

So long already still limping? Think you ought to have your leg checked by a chinese senseh! :D

visithra said...

not limping that bad but still got pain

went to get it massaged apparently got blood clot - so thats y pain

massage was sooooooooooooooooo painful