Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Standing tallWhile I was planning my Thailand trip, I wanted to do something different in Bangkok. Plus we (me and Praveen) were spending about a day and half only so we didn’t want to spend the time running from one temple to the other.

We opted to stay at Khao San road as it was near the Chao Phraya Boat Express. The only problem was most of the Bangkok guesthouses couldn’t be booked online while the few that I emailed didn’t even email back. Just a day before leaving for Bangkok, I got an email from New Joe’s Guesthouse that they had a place for us.

New Joe’s Guesthouse turned out to be a wonderful choice. The room looked exactly like the photos and most importantly the bathroom was pretty clean. New Joe’s is located right opposite Khao San road.

However the first time you walk towards the place, you might have second thoughts coz you have to walk through an alley as New Joe’s is located at the centre of a row of guesthouses which link to Khao San road through various alleys. New Joe’s has its own bar and restaurant that serve excellent food.

Its really yummy!Famished from our flight we headed to Khao San rd to check out the night market and food. The heat of Bangkok hit us the very moment we hit the streets. Khao San has an electic array of characters, a few street hawkers, lots of street vendors. Quite a number of tattoo artists both permanent and henna artists, you can also get your hair braided. Though the street is not the best place to buy stuff, you could get some lovely earrings there. We even found the infamous insect delicacies though both of us couldn’t stomach them. They do look awesome on photo!

Yummy??What I did like about the street was the whole atmosphere, people walking about and the unbelievable street bars. A makeshift hawker stall sold every single liquor in town in buckets accompanied by the latest hip hop music. Before you know it everyone was dancing to the music. Heck they even turned a petrol station into a makeshift bar.

Peace tatooThe streets are open till 1 in the morning. After walking about for some time, we headed back to Joes’s to find the bar still open. So we ordered a margarita and an ice chocolate and chilled there watching some ppl play pool. Both the drinks were superb, unfortunately chocolate drinks can only be found in Bangkok. Somehow Chiangmai doesn’t seem to like chocolate. I need to start an ice choc revolution in Chiangmai!

The king of Khao san rd?New Joe’s restaurant is located in a lovely garden right outside. After walking through the bustling streets of Bangkok, we returned to New Joe’s for some much needed rest and peace. The food is also really tasty, so the place gets full mark for ambience and service.

Thrist quencher You will be one of the very few asians in town, as the area is overrun by westerners so the food in general may be less spicy. Do request for extra spice to get the full blown thai experience.

We ended up booking our bus to CHiangMai with the resident travel agent, while it was convenient, the bus though looked new and was pretty clean, the seats were very uncomfortable. You could try the travel agent on the main road instead. However busses booked under these travel agents will take you straight to guesthouses in CHiangmai that are usually out of the main city. Just decline the service once you reach the town and hop on to one of the red trucks for a ride into town.

I’ll write more on Chiangmai later.

Need a camera?What I can say is I’ve fallen in love with Thailand, love the people, the food, the culture. I guess I visited the laidback side of Bangkok, which I’m truly happy about. I have never really been crazy about Thailand as I’ve heard quite a lot of stories about it but looks like Thailand was pretty nice.

We did meet a few rude people which is pretty normal, but in general the people were really easy to mingle with. Eventhough we had a language barrier, we could still communicate and exchange stories. Definetly a photographers dream destination as the people giggle when you point a camera at them and besides one lost kid in CHiangmai who demanded for money to shoot her photo, no one else asked us for money. They even requested us to take their photos.

I’ll definitely be returning to Thailand.


anasalwa said...

How excited. How long will you be in Thailand. I agree with you about people there. Friendly and super nice.
Looking forward to see more of your fabulous photos.

Aravind said...

hi visit.
I'm bloghopping after quite sometime now!!

Yet another travellogue from you and more photos!!! lovvved them!!!

I wish u keep travelling so that we get more of these wonderful posts and photos! ;)

vinod said...

Lov 2 join u in that 2nd backpack to Thailand. It was good travelogue...I came to Malaysia - KL,Langkawi and Sepang for F1 come n watch the snaps in flickr(link is in the sides of my blog) for PANNING shots of F1 car. Hope u like it.

visithra said...

vinod : oh thanks - hope u had fun in msia - will check them out soon