Thursday, April 24, 2008

Music on the move

While I’ve been meddling with the Samsung i450 for the last week, I only managed to fully use the features when Samsung sent me the micro sd card.

Card in hand I plugged the phone into my laptop to transfer a few songs. One very interesting point on the Samsung phone is that you can still use the phone’s features while its charging through the USB cable.

My other phone and a few other Sony Ericsons that my friends use wont allow the phone to be accessed while its charging through the USB port – you have to choose one function at a time. My previous Nokia 6260 didn’t even have a USB port.

You can receive calls while the phone is charging through the USB port. This is one feature that comes in handy when you’re in the office and your phone’s about to die anytime soon.

Another interesting thing is file transfer is pretty easy and the phone automatically sends the files to the respective folder based on the file type. You will have to update your track list on the phone which takes less than a minute to do.

The sound quality’s pretty good as well and the touch dial feature lets you easily scroll through your track lists. The phone serenaded us while we were out having lunch.

More to come on the Samsung.


Baby said...

Wondering what camera you using to take all your picture.. Damn nice pics!

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