Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Lunch musings

We left early for lunch thinking we’ll beat the crowd for a plate of sinful fried kuey teow (Chinese flour noodles). Now these aren’t as good as the ones I used to have in my old office area. Heck even the ones I have penang don’t come as close as that one, but its good enough. However they messed up the orders and my plate arrived only after my colleague had finished hers.

Thankfully we had entertainment in the form of a jolly mid-aged Chinese man.

Him : do you think your food will arrive today
Us : we hope so
Him : I think they haven’t been paid their salary – they’re so angry they’re showing all their anger into the wok
Us : lol probably explains why its so tasty
Him : they really should learn to smile given the food is always late
There’s another shop in old klang road where you have to wait an hour – only difference the lady is constantly smilling so ppl don’t mind waiting
Us : It would make so much difference if she would just smile
Him : nvmlah we need to remind the boss to pay her salary!
Us : lol

As we sat watching the lady dish up dish after dish of kuey teow, I was reminded of another hawker I used to visit at my old office place. While he was nicknamed fei lo (fat man), I called him santa claus coz he was such a jolly man. His shop is bare from any frills yet always full as its his food that draws the crowd. Despite the crowd he always has a smile and a joke for everyone who visits him or walks by his shop.

Even if you didn’t visit his shop for the day, he would greet and talk with you when you pass by. Santa clause nick fit him to the T.

He had a very interesting way of cooking the fried rice. While it tasted really good, I think I often ordered it just to listen to rhythm of his frying. He would make each plate separately, and each was accompanied by a songlike stir.

I love eating at kopitiams (small basic restaurants), the owners and hawkers have so much character. I miss the good food, I miss my conversations with the Ajith fan and the cook who was only satisfied if I gave him the thumbs up seal of approval. I miss having all the hawkers tout my favourite hawker coz I rarely ordered with them. I miss the inspiration for posts that I got from them. Memories indeed ;)

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