Friday, April 18, 2008

Legacy of life

My post on my recent organ donor registration led to a very interesting comment by Zoe’s mom.

Zoe’s mom@ Sue and her husband started Legacy of Life in the UK, a registered charity dedicated to raise awareness on organ and tissue donation after their only daughter, Zoë, became a tissue donor in 1998.

If someone you loved was dying, would you hope a family would give precious organs to save them? If it was the other way round, could you do the same for them?
It is very inspiring to see that despite their own grief they have channeled their energy to help others. They have produced a book documenting various true stories on organ transplant. I’ve reprinted one story here from their website.

My Christmas Gift Of Life

By Wayne
‘……..At seven the phone rang. My daughter answered. I could tell something was not right by the look on her face. I took the phone. It was the hospital. They had a heart for me.

‘Its Christmas Eve!’ I said, ‘You can’t be serious?’ They were.

We’d one hour to get to the hospital. My wife panicked. We called my brother-in-law.
I wanted him there for Joanne and the kids when I went in theatre.

No one could believe it. Everyone was running round getting this.. .doing that.. but me. I was so calm. I didn’t have the energy to get excited.

Part of me was saying, ‘This is a false alarm!’ They warned us of this…….’

’……I woke up Christmas morning. I had this tube down my throat stopping me talking.
I pointed to the nurse and showed her I wanted it out. There was no stopping me. I was asking all types of questions.

I found out my operation was 3 hours 40 minutes long. Everything went well. I was still here - giving the nurses grief. They even told me, if I didn’t shut up, they’d put the tube back in.

Next day was Boxing Day. I was starving. They didn’t do food in Intensive Care. Normally, people are so ‘out of it’, the last thing they want is food. Not me. I called Joanne and asked her to bring a meat and potato pie. I was sat in a chair eating my pie on Boxing Day, not 12 hours after my op…..’

‘………The doctors and nurses who made this possible. I can’t thank them enough.
Most of all, I’ve got a big ‘Thank you’ to my donor and their family.
It takes a lot of courage to give your loved one’s organs for transplant. Without them, I wouldn’t be here now. It could have been my wife writing this with a very different ending.

To everyone involved in giving me a second chance: ‘This is something I will never forget… …or be able to repay. Christmas 2001 was my Christmas gift of life.'

At this moment, about 8000 people in the UK are waiting for transplants. About 450 die every year.

While I can’t tell you the statistics for Malaysia, I can assure you that numerous Malaysians are on donor waiting lists. Our local transplant website may not hold enough information or allow people to easily become donors, however if you’re keen on becoming an organ donor in Malaysia, click on this link and print out the form to be mailed to the National Transplant Centre.


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