Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm an organ donor

I rarely talk about love because I think its very personal. I think you value love more once you’ve experienced it and there is definetly no greater feeling. I have loved 2 wonderful men who had one other thing in common, they had no guts to live the lives they want. Very complicated stories but lets leave that.

The first one imparted 2 things to me. He was only 3 years older than me and at 24 he definitely was more attuned to the world. There were 2 things he always discussed. Adoption and donating ones organs. While I could somewhat understand adoption though at that time I wasn’t so welcoming of the idea, I couldn’t bring myself to accept organ donation. You’d think for someone whose dad had to rely on someone elses kidney I’d have more sense but sadly that was not the case.

I remember the day he donated his eyes, he was so happy that he had finally signed the release form. I was amazed and proud of him but when he urged me to do the same I told him don’t force me to do something I don’t want to. While I’m proud that I didn’t allow someone to bend me to their wishes I wasn’t sure why I didn’t want to.

End of last year I realized why I wasn’t receptive of the idea while driving. I do all my thinking when I’m driving, the car is some sort of sanctuary for me so much so I keep myself from thinking by adding up carplate numbers on the days where I don’t want to think.

Somewhere in time someone had engraved into me that a person isn’t complete without all their parts and without them I will have an incomplete death. I’ve realized that is silly as isn’t death and birth the entrance and exit of the soul. Why had I been so obsessed with this physical body which at the end of your time will rot into earth or turn into ashes that will vanish into a body of water depending on your religious or non religious preference?

Organ donation could save and better so many lives. You could make a difference in at least 5 peoples lives. So what if your body is disfigured, age does enough help in destroying your body so whats the deal with a knife?

With that out of the way I decided to pledge my organs that day but I only managed to do that last February. I am proud to say I have finally done what I should have done a long time ago. I have my ex to thank for imparting the idea and to god for finally making me see sense in it.

Last February I filled up this form which I found online and mailed it to the National Transplant Centre in GHKL. Don’t fret if you don’t get a response from them, the procedure takes some time. I called up the centre in March to check on my application but was told to wait. I finally received my Donor card and letter a few days before leaving for Thailand. So give them at least 2 months to vet through your application.

Its that simple. So if you’ve wanted to donate your organs and didn’t know how, just print out the form and mail it to them.


Sundar Narayanan said...

totally wierd. We just watched a telugu movie (we have pretty much watched all the tamizh ones they have to offer!) and we picked Anasuya.. the theme was organ donation!

then we visit your blog and a strange coincidence, you are talking about organ donation.

well, some people are not gutsy enough visithra.. like me! I am not a donor but San is. Maybe some day I will change...

happy new year!

Waiting for Thailand pics.

KaV said...

i pledge my organs back in 2003 in a blood donation campaign back in Uni. I admit, the subject matter is very sensitive and not much information is provided to the masses.

Lucky for me, the medical officer there took his time to explain every matter in detail until i reached full understanding.

Kudos to you, and lets hope more Malaysians will pledge their organs in the future!

visithra said...

sundar : don't fret on it too much - if u ever decide to do it u will otherwise u wont - its not something that should be forced on ppl ;)

pretty quirky coincidence though ;p

thailand will take some time

kav : nice to know - indeed it is a sensitive matter - i hope ppl do it by their own will ;)

Zoe's Mum said...

Well done you for thinking so carefully about organ donation and finding the courage to join up. My daughter Zoe" was killed in a road accident 10 years ago when she was only 22. As a family we had talked about organ donation and she said 'if anything ever happens to me I'd want them to use all my spare parts to help people. When the unthinkable happened, her heart valves transformed the lives of two little girls and a cornea restored sight to a young man. This was the one good thing which we had to hang onto in our grief. we are in touch with one of the little girls (now 16) the difference Zoe"s heart valve has made to her life is fantastic. She does all the things a normal 16 year old likes to do. She has grown strong, beautiful and determined and we feel so glad that Zoe"s strong young body was not wasted. We still miss her terribly and always will butwe are so proud that it was her own wish to help others.

Our charity, Legacy of Life, has produced a beautiful book of inspiring personal stories from recipients of transplants, donor families and transplant surgeons. i think it would make you feel you have made a good decision in signing up. i'd be happy to send you a free copy in UK if you will tell me where to send it.You can see a few of the stories on this website:

Something not many people know is that we are far more likely to need a transplant than ever to become a donor. That is why there are currently about 900 people in Uk on the Transplant Waiting list urgently needing transplants.

Wishing you all the best,
Zoe"s Mum - Sue Cansdale

Zoe's Mum said...

P.S. Hi again,

Silly me! I just realized you may be living in Thailand or Malaysia. If so, no probs. I can send the book to you there. Sue Cansdale

Jayelle said...

Hi Visithra! That's incredibly brave of you to pledge your organs..:) I plan to do as well...alongside registering myself as a voter. All these little duties that a human being should do. :)

And i hope your leg is better now!

Orange Fronkey said...

Way to go!

When i got my drivers license the DMV asked me if I want to be an organ donor, and I said SURE. It hasn't changed since :).

gina said...

I am a proud organ donor since.. 10 years ago. I signed up when I was in college. I donated everything except my bones. Well, my next-of-kin would want something to put in the urn of ashes when I die, I guess! Haha!

Anyway, hope your leg is getting better.

visithra said...

zoe's mom sue : thank you for dropping by.

thank you for sharing your daughters story - i can understand how grateful - the gals are - if it wasnt for my dads donor he wouldnt have lived as long as he did

i think the transplant waiting list worldwide is astonishing -

I am based in Msia - n would love to have a copy of the book - i would love to share it with Malaysians over here

visithra said...

jayelle : welcome here ;)

thats good to know - organ donation is quite personal - so do it if u want to ;)

nah still limping but not as painful - thanks for asking ;)

orange : ooh the dmw asks u? ooh cool

nice to know ;)

gina : good to know - it is proud to be one - i grinned so big when i got my donor card - yeah i left out the bones too - i blame csi for that ;p

nah still limping but not as painful - thanks for asking ;)

Zoe's Mum said...

Hi Visithra,
Where would you like me to send the book to? Sue

visithra said...

Hi Sue

I sent an email here


with my address - hope you got it or can I send my address to another email?