Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Flickr Family

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The buzz word for the week besides snake was actually Saturday. We were all waiting for the day as it was the 2nd anniversary of our KL Flickr meetup group. Last December marked mine and Kervin’s first year in it. Surprisingly we had turned up on the same meet. Kervin is now one of my favourite travel partners /friend and a photographer I respect immensely. Sometimes its amazing to see how alike we think especially since we were both shooting with pns cameras and don’t deem a dslr as an upgrade but rather another camera. To think I wouldn’t have met him and so many other flickr friends if I hadn’t decided to attend that December flickrmeet.

Kervin is by the way planning to do a series on every single weirdo that has followed me everytime we went out shooting. He had a laugh reading on certain people's obsession.

Faris Windy love Lighted up

Each meet is a non stop photographic experience; I’ve managed to do so much at each meet and learnt so much as well. I believe some of my best portraits were shot at a flickrmeet as they’re always willing to jump, pose and do as I direct. Some actually prefer me shooting their potrait. As I believe everyone has their own beauty and as a photographer I should bring that out. Very few people understand this concept and continue to take horrid photos of people and worst of all they charge this people for those photos. All i can say is unless you're really good don't cheat people of their money.

Masculine Johan Hidden beauty

So many people made their way to the meet last Saturday, some of my contacts that I have never met before, friends that I haven't met in a while. we had so much fun as usual, getting serenaded by 2 brilliant singers and guitarists, working on a hilarious series, the continous stream of portraits and group photos, the exhibition of selected photos submitted to the committee and finger licking food (we are msians after all).

Here’s to the good times and many more to come.

Aahhh Awi ;p Guess who? Jump My so what model awie Siblings ;pDuo Who goes there!!! Shadow Play Cool cat moed
Hakim Kaz Din Hey babe Syiqin n Kenmin Hi there ;pHan the photographer Syikin Behind the veil


Thank you Johan Reaching out They're here!!! No longer innocent Asrul in forrest gump modeyou have no idea how freaked I am now ;p Alien invasion Faris our new male model ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi, pray tell me what is a pns camera, and if you had to recommend one to a novice, which one would you recommend. I'm thinking in terms of a max. RM 2K budget for this.

Btw, you're the best, most huggable person on the planet!

visithra said...

err i think i replied ur email right?

errr how would u know?