Thursday, April 17, 2008

BlogMob launch

Samsung to the rescueI was flying in from Thailand the very same day as the BlogMob launch which was taking place at good old Izzi’s KL.

As we landed at the LCCT airport, it began to rain. After collecting my bags from the huge queue at the airport, I caught a cab into the city. The cabbie turned out to be a very interesting man. (more on him later)

Dropping of my bagpack with an Izzi staff, I dashed upstairs.

Luckily the event wasn’t over, but I had missed the bloggers introduction session. A Samsung staff immediately handed me the Samsung SGH i450. The phones were assigned based on lots drawn earlier in the event.

Lawrence from Samsung was explaining some of the plus points of the phones. Samsung staff then helped configure each phone to the each bloggers telco provider. Kash the editor of Mobileworld then explained the various contests the bloggers could take part in.

Each blogger was also given a cool goodie bag.

Blogmob will end on May 17th 2008. Till then the Samsung’s mine to play with.