Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another day

Dear god

Is there any reason that I keep bumping into weirdos? Any idea why you made me a weirdo magnet? I could do with a clue.

exasperated me

Well here’s how the week has been so far, I was supposed to write about fabulous karoeke, photography sessions and dinners but let me write this.

Tuesday night I got a call from my mom at 10pm while I was out.

Mom: will you be coming back home anytime soon?
me : why?
Mom: well I fell down and hit my head and it still hurts
me : still hurts??? What time did you fall down?
Mom: err 6 pm
me : you couldn’t call earlier is it?
Mom : err

Yes that’s my mom, she tends to tell me stuff late coz she’s a bit afraid of me ok a lot afraid of me. Anyway headed home and drove her to the nearest hospital – one of the newest government hospitals is near home and mom occasionally goes for checkups there.

As I drove into the emergency section, one helpful staff asked if we needed a wheelchair n I said yes. We helped her in and he pushed her into the ward as I went to park the car. A car pulled up behind me just as I was leaving. Lets just name them Crazy dudes family (CD)

By the time I got there my moms number was called but CD rushes into the room only to be told by the DR/intern not it isn’t your turn yet.

After the initial checkup, we were directed to registration. There are 2 reasons why I’m writing this post – I am damn irritated by CD and I believe the hospital is doing a good job.

Everything in the hospital is computerized from doors to patient details. Each Dr must key in all the details of the checkup into the patients record file and recommendate measures and medicines. So everytime you head to a new counter all they do is check your details on the network and do as written. Very environmental friendly as very little paper is used and convenient as they can pull up your medical history.

For someone who has been in and out of numerous hospitals and clinics across the country and overseas for all my family members – this was something new. The last time I was at a private clinic/ hospital they were still doing manual filling up in incohensible dr’s handwriting.

After doing an identity check on my mom, we were directed to the x-ray room. I asked my mom if she wanted me to wheel her, she said no but halfway through walking (actually limping – we both were limping) there she really wanted one.

We passed by the very quiet emergency ward, there were a few patients in the receptor section but very few people anywhere else. We even passed a temporary body room. I was tempted to peek in since there was no one around but decided I have enough weird luck.

Reached the xray section to find 2 attendants sitting there with another patient. While my mom was getting x-rayed I ended up taking photos coz I was bored and alone in a very quiet hospital.

Both of us limped back and the joke of the day would be.

If anyone asks the story is you pushed me down last week and this week I pushed you down – so that’s why we’re both limping.

We reached the last checkup area to see the DR and found about few patients waiting, our number was next.

One thing was certain, the hospital is understaffed, I don’t blame them as there were less than 15 patients in the emergency section. So the drs and nurses take turns doing their duties and you can expect to wait for sometime.

Now CD was still waiting there as their number was after us. He suddenly walks to the dr’s room and peeks inside, sees a patient (who broke his knee) and sits down. The patient comes out and when no number was called he peeks in again and comes out to declare -

That Dr not doing his workla – he’s playing on the computer.

I was pretty sure that wasn’t the case, if there’s one thing I know computers in government agencies are usually equipped with the basic programs and devoid of the internet.

Anyway our turn comes and we got into the office to find a young dr in his seat. He proceeds to ask my mom some questions while I peeked into his pc. He was staring at an xray of my mom’s skull. Again totally impressed, the xray scan had been put into the network. He gave me a pamphlet on symthomps for someone who hit her head, asked my mom more questions, gave her a check, heard her out, I asked her a few stuff based on the pamphlet – let the dr know. It was a pretty detailed checkup. While he was doing all this, he proceeded to type in every little detailed into my moms records including the jabs he was gonna give her. This takes some time coz I don’t think any dr would want to do a slapjob work.

He tells us to wait while my mom was sleeping on the patient bed. He then gets up to go and call a nurse to give my mom a jab, yes the dr has to go call the nurse like I said they’re understaffed.

Suddenly CD pops his head in and goes

CD : where’s the dr
me : (gives him a oi what are u doing here stare) he’s gone out for a while
CD : so hes not doing his work
me : he is doing his work
CD : he only has a few patients and it takes so long? He’s playing computer games
me : err no he isn’t – he was keying in the patients report
CD : #%#$^%&% (proceeds to scold me for supporting the dr)
me : huh????

I still don’t get why I got scolding for telling the truth, I was looking at his files for godsakes! Why are people so impatient and ready to blame others?

He was also disrespecting a patients privacy.

Anyway the dr comes back and told us we’ll have to wait a while. To kill time I asked him how long a sprained ankle will take to recover – he gave me 2 weeks. I told him about his very angry patient, the Dr just chuckled, I guess he gets it all the time.

The nurse finally came to give my mom 2 jabs to relive her off the pain. We thanked the Dr and headed to the pharmacists. CD started grumbling when he saw us, I seriously felt like giving him a piece of my mind but I figured he was just looking for an argument.

I’m pretty happy with their service, looks like we’ve got another good govt hospital near home. Our local govt clinic which has been operating for the last 30 years or more does a good job as well. Only thing it takes ages before your number gets called. It was way past 1am by the time we reached home.

Ps : moms ok now


Sundar Narayanan said...

glad to know your moms okay now!


Pixelated Mo said...

:) glad everything is ok

visithra said...

sundar : ;) yeah thanks

mo : ;) yeah thanks