Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Standing tallWhile I was planning my Thailand trip, I wanted to do something different in Bangkok. Plus we (me and Praveen) were spending about a day and half only so we didn’t want to spend the time running from one temple to the other.

We opted to stay at Khao San road as it was near the Chao Phraya Boat Express. The only problem was most of the Bangkok guesthouses couldn’t be booked online while the few that I emailed didn’t even email back. Just a day before leaving for Bangkok, I got an email from New Joe’s Guesthouse that they had a place for us.

New Joe’s Guesthouse turned out to be a wonderful choice. The room looked exactly like the photos and most importantly the bathroom was pretty clean. New Joe’s is located right opposite Khao San road.

However the first time you walk towards the place, you might have second thoughts coz you have to walk through an alley as New Joe’s is located at the centre of a row of guesthouses which link to Khao San road through various alleys. New Joe’s has its own bar and restaurant that serve excellent food.

Its really yummy!Famished from our flight we headed to Khao San rd to check out the night market and food. The heat of Bangkok hit us the very moment we hit the streets. Khao San has an electic array of characters, a few street hawkers, lots of street vendors. Quite a number of tattoo artists both permanent and henna artists, you can also get your hair braided. Though the street is not the best place to buy stuff, you could get some lovely earrings there. We even found the infamous insect delicacies though both of us couldn’t stomach them. They do look awesome on photo!

Yummy??What I did like about the street was the whole atmosphere, people walking about and the unbelievable street bars. A makeshift hawker stall sold every single liquor in town in buckets accompanied by the latest hip hop music. Before you know it everyone was dancing to the music. Heck they even turned a petrol station into a makeshift bar.

Peace tatooThe streets are open till 1 in the morning. After walking about for some time, we headed back to Joes’s to find the bar still open. So we ordered a margarita and an ice chocolate and chilled there watching some ppl play pool. Both the drinks were superb, unfortunately chocolate drinks can only be found in Bangkok. Somehow Chiangmai doesn’t seem to like chocolate. I need to start an ice choc revolution in Chiangmai!

The king of Khao san rd?New Joe’s restaurant is located in a lovely garden right outside. After walking through the bustling streets of Bangkok, we returned to New Joe’s for some much needed rest and peace. The food is also really tasty, so the place gets full mark for ambience and service.

Thrist quencher You will be one of the very few asians in town, as the area is overrun by westerners so the food in general may be less spicy. Do request for extra spice to get the full blown thai experience.

We ended up booking our bus to CHiangMai with the resident travel agent, while it was convenient, the bus though looked new and was pretty clean, the seats were very uncomfortable. You could try the travel agent on the main road instead. However busses booked under these travel agents will take you straight to guesthouses in CHiangmai that are usually out of the main city. Just decline the service once you reach the town and hop on to one of the red trucks for a ride into town.

I’ll write more on Chiangmai later.

Need a camera?What I can say is I’ve fallen in love with Thailand, love the people, the food, the culture. I guess I visited the laidback side of Bangkok, which I’m truly happy about. I have never really been crazy about Thailand as I’ve heard quite a lot of stories about it but looks like Thailand was pretty nice.

We did meet a few rude people which is pretty normal, but in general the people were really easy to mingle with. Eventhough we had a language barrier, we could still communicate and exchange stories. Definetly a photographers dream destination as the people giggle when you point a camera at them and besides one lost kid in CHiangmai who demanded for money to shoot her photo, no one else asked us for money. They even requested us to take their photos.

I’ll definitely be returning to Thailand.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Music on the move

While I’ve been meddling with the Samsung i450 for the last week, I only managed to fully use the features when Samsung sent me the micro sd card.

Card in hand I plugged the phone into my laptop to transfer a few songs. One very interesting point on the Samsung phone is that you can still use the phone’s features while its charging through the USB cable.

My other phone and a few other Sony Ericsons that my friends use wont allow the phone to be accessed while its charging through the USB port – you have to choose one function at a time. My previous Nokia 6260 didn’t even have a USB port.

You can receive calls while the phone is charging through the USB port. This is one feature that comes in handy when you’re in the office and your phone’s about to die anytime soon.

Another interesting thing is file transfer is pretty easy and the phone automatically sends the files to the respective folder based on the file type. You will have to update your track list on the phone which takes less than a minute to do.

The sound quality’s pretty good as well and the touch dial feature lets you easily scroll through your track lists. The phone serenaded us while we were out having lunch.

More to come on the Samsung.

Another day

Dear god

Is there any reason that I keep bumping into weirdos? Any idea why you made me a weirdo magnet? I could do with a clue.

exasperated me

Well here’s how the week has been so far, I was supposed to write about fabulous karoeke, photography sessions and dinners but let me write this.

Tuesday night I got a call from my mom at 10pm while I was out.

Mom: will you be coming back home anytime soon?
me : why?
Mom: well I fell down and hit my head and it still hurts
me : still hurts??? What time did you fall down?
Mom: err 6 pm
me : you couldn’t call earlier is it?
Mom : err

Yes that’s my mom, she tends to tell me stuff late coz she’s a bit afraid of me ok a lot afraid of me. Anyway headed home and drove her to the nearest hospital – one of the newest government hospitals is near home and mom occasionally goes for checkups there.

As I drove into the emergency section, one helpful staff asked if we needed a wheelchair n I said yes. We helped her in and he pushed her into the ward as I went to park the car. A car pulled up behind me just as I was leaving. Lets just name them Crazy dudes family (CD)

By the time I got there my moms number was called but CD rushes into the room only to be told by the DR/intern not it isn’t your turn yet.

After the initial checkup, we were directed to registration. There are 2 reasons why I’m writing this post – I am damn irritated by CD and I believe the hospital is doing a good job.

Everything in the hospital is computerized from doors to patient details. Each Dr must key in all the details of the checkup into the patients record file and recommendate measures and medicines. So everytime you head to a new counter all they do is check your details on the network and do as written. Very environmental friendly as very little paper is used and convenient as they can pull up your medical history.

For someone who has been in and out of numerous hospitals and clinics across the country and overseas for all my family members – this was something new. The last time I was at a private clinic/ hospital they were still doing manual filling up in incohensible dr’s handwriting.

After doing an identity check on my mom, we were directed to the x-ray room. I asked my mom if she wanted me to wheel her, she said no but halfway through walking (actually limping – we both were limping) there she really wanted one.

We passed by the very quiet emergency ward, there were a few patients in the receptor section but very few people anywhere else. We even passed a temporary body room. I was tempted to peek in since there was no one around but decided I have enough weird luck.

Reached the xray section to find 2 attendants sitting there with another patient. While my mom was getting x-rayed I ended up taking photos coz I was bored and alone in a very quiet hospital.

Both of us limped back and the joke of the day would be.

If anyone asks the story is you pushed me down last week and this week I pushed you down – so that’s why we’re both limping.

We reached the last checkup area to see the DR and found about few patients waiting, our number was next.

One thing was certain, the hospital is understaffed, I don’t blame them as there were less than 15 patients in the emergency section. So the drs and nurses take turns doing their duties and you can expect to wait for sometime.

Now CD was still waiting there as their number was after us. He suddenly walks to the dr’s room and peeks inside, sees a patient (who broke his knee) and sits down. The patient comes out and when no number was called he peeks in again and comes out to declare -

That Dr not doing his workla – he’s playing on the computer.

I was pretty sure that wasn’t the case, if there’s one thing I know computers in government agencies are usually equipped with the basic programs and devoid of the internet.

Anyway our turn comes and we got into the office to find a young dr in his seat. He proceeds to ask my mom some questions while I peeked into his pc. He was staring at an xray of my mom’s skull. Again totally impressed, the xray scan had been put into the network. He gave me a pamphlet on symthomps for someone who hit her head, asked my mom more questions, gave her a check, heard her out, I asked her a few stuff based on the pamphlet – let the dr know. It was a pretty detailed checkup. While he was doing all this, he proceeded to type in every little detailed into my moms records including the jabs he was gonna give her. This takes some time coz I don’t think any dr would want to do a slapjob work.

He tells us to wait while my mom was sleeping on the patient bed. He then gets up to go and call a nurse to give my mom a jab, yes the dr has to go call the nurse like I said they’re understaffed.

Suddenly CD pops his head in and goes

CD : where’s the dr
me : (gives him a oi what are u doing here stare) he’s gone out for a while
CD : so hes not doing his work
me : he is doing his work
CD : he only has a few patients and it takes so long? He’s playing computer games
me : err no he isn’t – he was keying in the patients report
CD : #%#$^%&% (proceeds to scold me for supporting the dr)
me : huh????

I still don’t get why I got scolding for telling the truth, I was looking at his files for godsakes! Why are people so impatient and ready to blame others?

He was also disrespecting a patients privacy.

Anyway the dr comes back and told us we’ll have to wait a while. To kill time I asked him how long a sprained ankle will take to recover – he gave me 2 weeks. I told him about his very angry patient, the Dr just chuckled, I guess he gets it all the time.

The nurse finally came to give my mom 2 jabs to relive her off the pain. We thanked the Dr and headed to the pharmacists. CD started grumbling when he saw us, I seriously felt like giving him a piece of my mind but I figured he was just looking for an argument.

I’m pretty happy with their service, looks like we’ve got another good govt hospital near home. Our local govt clinic which has been operating for the last 30 years or more does a good job as well. Only thing it takes ages before your number gets called. It was way past 1am by the time we reached home.

Ps : moms ok now

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Haunting Melody

Yesterday I was out for dinner with some friends when one of them asked us to listen to this song. I was instantly attracted to the song and she suggested we watch the video too. The song is pretty morbid but wow I love it and the lyrics just captivates you. It’s an old song (95 - which I missed) but seriously you should listen to it. The video is pretty morbid so watch it only if you like morbid songs and movies.

The song is featured in Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: "Murder Ballads". Here's an interview with Nick Cave. Click more for the lyrics.

Where the wild roses grow
Artist : Kylie Minogue and Nick Cave
Lyrics and music by : Nick Cave

They call me the wild rose
But my name is elisa day
Why they call me it i do not know
For my name is elisa day

From the first day i saw her i knew she was the one
As she stared in my eyes and smiled
For her lips were the colour of the roses
That grew down the river, all bloody and wild

When he knocked on my door and entered the room
My trembling subsided in his sure embrace
He would be my first man, and with a careful hand
He wiped at the tears that ran down my face


On the second day i brought her a flower
She was more beautiful than any woman i'd seen
I said, "do you know where the wild roses grow
So sweet and scarlet and free?"

On the second day he came with a single red rose
Said: "will you give me your loss and your sorrow?"
I nodded my head, as i lay on the bed
He said, "if i show you the roses will you follow?"


On the third day he took me to the river
He showed me the roses and we kissed
And the last thing i heard was a muttered word
As he stood smiling above me with a rock in his fist

On the last day i took her where the wild roses grow
And she lay on the bank, the wind light as a thief
As i kissed her goodbye, i said, "all beauty must die"
And lent down and planted a rose between her teeth


Olympic Torch blazes through KL

a split second
Originally uploaded by johan2 Johan Sopiee
Though I couldn’t be at the Olympic Torch Relay yesterday, here are some photos from my friends who managed to be at Dataran yesterday afternoon.

I hope you guys have clicked on the Samsung’ Journey of Harmony online donation drive in conjunction with its sponsorship of the Olympic Games.

All you have to do is click on the link and register your name. The more clicks the more money these charities will receive. So go and register now!

ps : if you want to use these photos please contact the photographers at their flickr pages

Friday, April 18, 2008

Legacy of life

My post on my recent organ donor registration led to a very interesting comment by Zoe’s mom.

Zoe’s mom@ Sue and her husband started Legacy of Life in the UK, a registered charity dedicated to raise awareness on organ and tissue donation after their only daughter, ZoĆ«, became a tissue donor in 1998.

If someone you loved was dying, would you hope a family would give precious organs to save them? If it was the other way round, could you do the same for them?
It is very inspiring to see that despite their own grief they have channeled their energy to help others. They have produced a book documenting various true stories on organ transplant. I’ve reprinted one story here from their website.

My Christmas Gift Of Life

By Wayne
‘……..At seven the phone rang. My daughter answered. I could tell something was not right by the look on her face. I took the phone. It was the hospital. They had a heart for me.

‘Its Christmas Eve!’ I said, ‘You can’t be serious?’ They were.

We’d one hour to get to the hospital. My wife panicked. We called my brother-in-law.
I wanted him there for Joanne and the kids when I went in theatre.

No one could believe it. Everyone was running round getting this.. .doing that.. but me. I was so calm. I didn’t have the energy to get excited.

Part of me was saying, ‘This is a false alarm!’ They warned us of this…….’

’……I woke up Christmas morning. I had this tube down my throat stopping me talking.
I pointed to the nurse and showed her I wanted it out. There was no stopping me. I was asking all types of questions.

I found out my operation was 3 hours 40 minutes long. Everything went well. I was still here - giving the nurses grief. They even told me, if I didn’t shut up, they’d put the tube back in.

Next day was Boxing Day. I was starving. They didn’t do food in Intensive Care. Normally, people are so ‘out of it’, the last thing they want is food. Not me. I called Joanne and asked her to bring a meat and potato pie. I was sat in a chair eating my pie on Boxing Day, not 12 hours after my op…..’

‘………The doctors and nurses who made this possible. I can’t thank them enough.
Most of all, I’ve got a big ‘Thank you’ to my donor and their family.
It takes a lot of courage to give your loved one’s organs for transplant. Without them, I wouldn’t be here now. It could have been my wife writing this with a very different ending.

To everyone involved in giving me a second chance: ‘This is something I will never forget… …or be able to repay. Christmas 2001 was my Christmas gift of life.'

At this moment, about 8000 people in the UK are waiting for transplants. About 450 die every year.

While I can’t tell you the statistics for Malaysia, I can assure you that numerous Malaysians are on donor waiting lists. Our local transplant website may not hold enough information or allow people to easily become donors, however if you’re keen on becoming an organ donor in Malaysia, click on this link and print out the form to be mailed to the National Transplant Centre.

I love Songkran

Can't let go??I love festivals, I think it brings out the best in people. When we booked our tickets we didn’t realize we’d land in the middle of Songkran since I assumed the festivities would only start just before we left Chiangmai on April 12.

Apparently we were wrong as while the people in the city weren’t allowed to throw water until Saturday, the villagers started the festivities a week before Songkran. As we were making our way to the forest, the children began throwing buckets of water at us. I must say the water was damn refreshing though the first time you get hit its pretty shocking.

While the camera escaped the first few hits, on our way back the children were out in full force and we got fully drenched. Unfortunately I found my camera drenched and the digital view haywire. After drying the camera and removing the batteries and memory card, we left it to recover from the days water assult. Now you must think I hate the children. But how can you hate such a fun festival? Nah I can’t blame the children for getting songkranified.

Having no camera to worry about, I decided to join the children the next day. After having lunch at a village and watching some kids throw water at passing cars, I walked up to one of the kids and tried to steal a bucket from them, realizing I had no ammo I ran back and stole the bucket from the kid on the other side and threw water at the kids. It was so fun, the gal I stole the bucket from kept refilling my bucket for me.

IN between the water wars

Apparently Songkran is hard to contain, on Friday after sundrying my camera, I finally took my baby out into the city only to find the city all geared into songkran mode. They had begun to throw water a day earlier.

So we spent most of the day running away from them. Everytime we saw a water throwing taking place, I’d stir the bike into one of the alleys. Oh yes we rented a bike on our last 2 days in CHiangmai and that was one of the best things we did. More on that later.

Everytime we passed one of the water attackers we’d scream

noooo don’t throwwwwwwwwwwww

Hey youIt worked most of the time. Anyway after watching people throw water the whole day and dodging them, we decided it was about time we did the same. So we stopped the bike at one place to catch some shots. Some kids were swinging into the canal from a tyre tied to this huge tree by the bank of the canal.

Splashing awayWe finally decided to go back and leave our cameras so we could play as well but we landed else where first. Just metres away from home, we got drenched by a group of people. Luckily the bags were fine.

While I was waiting for Praveen who had gone to lock up our cameras, to get back, a few westerners turned up fully drenched armed with water guns.

Him : hey you’re all dry
me : oh no, not for long we’re about to head out to the canals.
him : ah then I won’t need to drench you.
Me : nah we’ll get drenched soon.
him : sawasdeeka – have fun.

We dropped of the cameras (unfortunately I forgot the hp was still in the bag and it died from the assault) and went in search of buckets. We decided the buckets were more forceful then the water guns.

Falling!!! We bought our bucket from a Punjabi gal. Praveen asked her if she was from India – she told her my parents are from India, I’m Thai! Love her answer!

So many thai traders thought we were from India and we kept telling them no we’re Malaysians! We’re neighbours.

We found a place to park the bike and went looking for water. Most of the bars had put out barrels of water on their pavement for people to throw. We started throwing water at everyone from the guy standing next to us to the ladies driving past the road.

Songkran definitely brings people together. We made friends with the locals and foreigners alike. A thai lady taught me how to draw water from the canal. Everytime Praveen’s bucket fell into the canal, someone will help us get it back. We ended up standing next to a Thai family, in between throwing water at the people on the streets, we’d throw water on each other. It was so funny. We even met one of the guys from the bus and threw water on him.

One grumpy old westerner did stop by to tell us not to throw water. Seriously if you didn’t like the festival you should sit at home.

Splashed! The Thai family turned out to be half Malaysian, the husband being a Malaysian from Malacca and his wife was Thai. They were down just for Songkran to visit her grandma. What a coincidence eh. Unfortunately we were leaving Chiang Mai the next day.

Oh the Thais are more curious of Asians coz the city is run over by foreigners, so expect lots of curious looks and questions. We ended up being one of the last people to leave. By the time we got on the bike, we were hungry and freezing cold.

Songkran was so much fun, I’ll write more on the religious side of it later. This is one festival everyone should take part in. just make sure you secure your camera with plastic bags. Its better to be safe than sorry.

I just might throw a Songkran party in the future! ;p

Thursday, April 17, 2008

BlogMob launch

Samsung to the rescueI was flying in from Thailand the very same day as the BlogMob launch which was taking place at good old Izzi’s KL.

As we landed at the LCCT airport, it began to rain. After collecting my bags from the huge queue at the airport, I caught a cab into the city. The cabbie turned out to be a very interesting man. (more on him later)

Dropping of my bagpack with an Izzi staff, I dashed upstairs.

Luckily the event wasn’t over, but I had missed the bloggers introduction session. A Samsung staff immediately handed me the Samsung SGH i450. The phones were assigned based on lots drawn earlier in the event.

Lawrence from Samsung was explaining some of the plus points of the phones. Samsung staff then helped configure each phone to the each bloggers telco provider. Kash the editor of Mobileworld then explained the various contests the bloggers could take part in.

Each blogger was also given a cool goodie bag.

Blogmob will end on May 17th 2008. Till then the Samsung’s mine to play with.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm an organ donor

I rarely talk about love because I think its very personal. I think you value love more once you’ve experienced it and there is definetly no greater feeling. I have loved 2 wonderful men who had one other thing in common, they had no guts to live the lives they want. Very complicated stories but lets leave that.

The first one imparted 2 things to me. He was only 3 years older than me and at 24 he definitely was more attuned to the world. There were 2 things he always discussed. Adoption and donating ones organs. While I could somewhat understand adoption though at that time I wasn’t so welcoming of the idea, I couldn’t bring myself to accept organ donation. You’d think for someone whose dad had to rely on someone elses kidney I’d have more sense but sadly that was not the case.

I remember the day he donated his eyes, he was so happy that he had finally signed the release form. I was amazed and proud of him but when he urged me to do the same I told him don’t force me to do something I don’t want to. While I’m proud that I didn’t allow someone to bend me to their wishes I wasn’t sure why I didn’t want to.

End of last year I realized why I wasn’t receptive of the idea while driving. I do all my thinking when I’m driving, the car is some sort of sanctuary for me so much so I keep myself from thinking by adding up carplate numbers on the days where I don’t want to think.

Somewhere in time someone had engraved into me that a person isn’t complete without all their parts and without them I will have an incomplete death. I’ve realized that is silly as isn’t death and birth the entrance and exit of the soul. Why had I been so obsessed with this physical body which at the end of your time will rot into earth or turn into ashes that will vanish into a body of water depending on your religious or non religious preference?

Organ donation could save and better so many lives. You could make a difference in at least 5 peoples lives. So what if your body is disfigured, age does enough help in destroying your body so whats the deal with a knife?

With that out of the way I decided to pledge my organs that day but I only managed to do that last February. I am proud to say I have finally done what I should have done a long time ago. I have my ex to thank for imparting the idea and to god for finally making me see sense in it.

Last February I filled up this form which I found online and mailed it to the National Transplant Centre in GHKL. Don’t fret if you don’t get a response from them, the procedure takes some time. I called up the centre in March to check on my application but was told to wait. I finally received my Donor card and letter a few days before leaving for Thailand. So give them at least 2 months to vet through your application.

Its that simple. So if you’ve wanted to donate your organs and didn’t know how, just print out the form and mail it to them.

Limping away

How does one sprain her leg the very first day after returning to work? By dropping into a hole. I hopped to my meeting barefoot. By the end of the meeting the pain was just unbearable.

Luckily it was my left leg that had been hurt. So I could still drive to my dr. unfortunately by then the pain was unbearable. I couldn’t even lift my leg over the raised floor of the clinic. An uncle helped support me while another aunty helped me inside the clinic. Thank god for wonderful people.

Thankfully nothing was fractured; it was just a bad sprain. I had to get a jab to bring down the pain. The swelling has reduced a bit but the pains still there.

Looks like I’ll be limping for the next few days.

Since its taking me such a long time to move between places, I’ve started humming tunes much to the amusement of my colleagues. Lol

Olympic Torch in KL

Malaysian sports fans should keep the 21st of April 2008 blocked. Malaysians will be able to witness firsthand the Olympic Torch relay in Kuala Lumpur. Samsung a Worldwide Partner of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Presenting Partner for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch Relay is recruiting approximately 1,500 Torchbearers from all around the world.

For the second time in the history of Olympics; the flame will pass through Malaysian shores and 18 Malaysians will stand the chance-of-a-lifetime to be an Olympic Torchbearer. Kicking off from Dataran Merdeka, and will pass Stadium Merdeka, Sg Wang, KL Tower and culminate in KLCC.

Samsung will also be hosting a Fun Run on 20th April 2008 where the torch will be on display. The 5 km run will begin at 7.30 a.m. at Dataran Merdeka.

Yang Berbahagia Datin Paduka Sharifah Mazlina Syed Abdul Kadir, Ras Adiba Radzi, Nicol Ann David and Lee Chong Wei have been selected as four role models who will be carrying the torch for their notable contributions to society and their tenacity to overcome challenges.

Samsung has been a worldwide Olympic sponsor since 1998 and a presenter of the Olympic Torch Relay from 2004. As the Worldwide Olympics Wireless Communications Partner for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Samsung contributes superior wireless technologies and mobile phones through the company’s Wireless Olympic Works (WOW) initiative, to ensure a smooth and efficient running of the Olympic Games.

The four role models who will be carrying the torch on April 21 in Kuala Lumpur are Yang Berbahagia Datin Paduka Sharifah Mazlina Syed Abdul Kadir, Ras Adiba Radzi, Nicol Ann David and Lee Chong Wei. They were meticulously chosen by Samsung Malaysia Electronics for their notable contributions to society and their tenacity to overcome challenges in their lives to achieve success in their respective fields.

Journey of Harmony

In conjunction with its sponsorship of the Olympic Games, Samsung has pledged to donate RM 0.10 to charity, for every signed online petition. All proceeds will be donated to three selected charity homes.

All you have to do is click on the link and register your name. The more clicks the more money these charities will receive. So go and register now!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Samsung to the rescue!

Who would have thought that my holiday would turn out to be electronically disastrous! Both my new camera and mobile phone were songkranified! Oh yes I’m coining a new term for the awesome but potentially disastrous Thai New Year celebrations - Songkran!

While I’ve saved the camera (more on this later) the mobile seems pretty dead.

But no worries – I got rescued by Samsung!

Before I left for Thailand, I got chosen to be part of BlogMob which is being organized by Samsung together with Mobile world.

The BlogMob team choose 16 bloggers from various backgrounds and genre to spend a month with a Samsung mobile handset. Not only will we be able to use the phone for a month, the bloggers will stand a chance to win prizes at the end of the programme which include the respective phones.

Each blogger was given either the Samsung SGH i450 or the Samsung SGH i550. Different in look, both the phones have distinct identities. So for the next month I will be using the sleek looking Samsung SGH i450.

Most of you would know that I dumped my Simbian phone after numerous problems with it and opted for a fuss free standard mobile. Given that I have not been happy with Simbian phones, I was told the Samsung SGH i450 which is built on the Simbian 60 3rd edition system is free from the numerous Simbian hiccups. By the end of the month I should be able to tell you whether it performs up to par.

Thanks to Samsung, instead of spending the Indian New Year sourcing for another phone, I was instead playing with the phones numerous features.

Will write more on the phone and the launch party later!

Phew .... good to be home ;p

Blue Window

I'm back ;))))))))))))))

totally dead though - oh yes Puthandhu Valthukal, Happy Ugadhi, Happy Vaisaki and Happy Songkran! ;p

Had absolute fun - so much to write about

here's clues of whats to come,

water, samsung, organ, monks, water, electronic, fun, new year.

see if you can guess where I've been and what I'm gonna write about ;p

ps : the ones who know shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Saturday, April 05, 2008


Going .............. on a break

See you guys in a week ;)

toodles ;p

Thursday, April 03, 2008

like a lover ......

Like a lover ......There’s something so beautiful about watching the rain.

Rain is like a lover in many moods.

A storm brews like a crossed lover. It suddenly darkens and before you know, it lashes against mother earth, together with its lover the wind. Creating havoc on earth, brilliant bolts of lighting flashes how deep its anger is while thunder growls as its angry voice. It torments every living being drenching them wet and swirling the life out of plants and leaves. We sit inside homes and cars avoiding its anger yet some of remain transfixed by its torment.

Yet after each storm, despite what looks like torment to us, the earth is rejuvenated and gleams of a well loved being. There’s this extra glow of romance, where everything looks different after the rain.

The soft drizzles are like tender kisses, the assuring hug, childrens little smack of love. It embraces you tenderly, refreshing you with its caressing droplets. Its breezy lover lifts you up sending cool breezes that tickle your senses.

Knee deep Then there’s boring old rain, neither filled with rage nor light as a drizzle yet reassuringly comforting. That’s the rain that puts you to sleep, as you snuggle up under your blanket, that’s the rain that let’s you drive home without having to hunch over the steering to see beyond the storm, that’s the rain that cools down the earth and relieves you off the relentless sun.

Ah rain – how I love thy, follow me where ever I go, for in you I find solace.

Trickles of rain Green rain Riding in the Rain

Inspired by yesterday’s rain and heavy traffic jams that inspired these photo’s with my new (I’m so in love with this lens) 50 mm. Urban right is never far from its traffic jams, and that’s exactly the story behind these images.

Stuck in traffic Urban Rain Traffic rain

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Lunch musings

We left early for lunch thinking we’ll beat the crowd for a plate of sinful fried kuey teow (Chinese flour noodles). Now these aren’t as good as the ones I used to have in my old office area. Heck even the ones I have penang don’t come as close as that one, but its good enough. However they messed up the orders and my plate arrived only after my colleague had finished hers.

Thankfully we had entertainment in the form of a jolly mid-aged Chinese man.

Him : do you think your food will arrive today
Us : we hope so
Him : I think they haven’t been paid their salary – they’re so angry they’re showing all their anger into the wok
Us : lol probably explains why its so tasty
Him : they really should learn to smile given the food is always late
There’s another shop in old klang road where you have to wait an hour – only difference the lady is constantly smilling so ppl don’t mind waiting
Us : It would make so much difference if she would just smile
Him : nvmlah we need to remind the boss to pay her salary!
Us : lol

As we sat watching the lady dish up dish after dish of kuey teow, I was reminded of another hawker I used to visit at my old office place. While he was nicknamed fei lo (fat man), I called him santa claus coz he was such a jolly man. His shop is bare from any frills yet always full as its his food that draws the crowd. Despite the crowd he always has a smile and a joke for everyone who visits him or walks by his shop.

Even if you didn’t visit his shop for the day, he would greet and talk with you when you pass by. Santa clause nick fit him to the T.

He had a very interesting way of cooking the fried rice. While it tasted really good, I think I often ordered it just to listen to rhythm of his frying. He would make each plate separately, and each was accompanied by a songlike stir.

I love eating at kopitiams (small basic restaurants), the owners and hawkers have so much character. I miss the good food, I miss my conversations with the Ajith fan and the cook who was only satisfied if I gave him the thumbs up seal of approval. I miss having all the hawkers tout my favourite hawker coz I rarely ordered with them. I miss the inspiration for posts that I got from them. Memories indeed ;)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Flickr Family

Free On top of the world Concede

The buzz word for the week besides snake was actually Saturday. We were all waiting for the day as it was the 2nd anniversary of our KL Flickr meetup group. Last December marked mine and Kervin’s first year in it. Surprisingly we had turned up on the same meet. Kervin is now one of my favourite travel partners /friend and a photographer I respect immensely. Sometimes its amazing to see how alike we think especially since we were both shooting with pns cameras and don’t deem a dslr as an upgrade but rather another camera. To think I wouldn’t have met him and so many other flickr friends if I hadn’t decided to attend that December flickrmeet.

Kervin is by the way planning to do a series on every single weirdo that has followed me everytime we went out shooting. He had a laugh reading on certain people's obsession.

Faris Windy love Lighted up

Each meet is a non stop photographic experience; I’ve managed to do so much at each meet and learnt so much as well. I believe some of my best portraits were shot at a flickrmeet as they’re always willing to jump, pose and do as I direct. Some actually prefer me shooting their potrait. As I believe everyone has their own beauty and as a photographer I should bring that out. Very few people understand this concept and continue to take horrid photos of people and worst of all they charge this people for those photos. All i can say is unless you're really good don't cheat people of their money.

Masculine Johan Hidden beauty

So many people made their way to the meet last Saturday, some of my contacts that I have never met before, friends that I haven't met in a while. we had so much fun as usual, getting serenaded by 2 brilliant singers and guitarists, working on a hilarious series, the continous stream of portraits and group photos, the exhibition of selected photos submitted to the committee and finger licking food (we are msians after all).

Here’s to the good times and many more to come.

Aahhh Awi ;p Guess who? Jump My so what model awie Siblings ;pDuo Who goes there!!! Shadow Play Cool cat moed
Hakim Kaz Din Hey babe Syiqin n Kenmin Hi there ;pHan the photographer Syikin Behind the veil


Thank you Johan Reaching out They're here!!! No longer innocent Asrul in forrest gump modeyou have no idea how freaked I am now ;p Alien invasion Faris our new male model ;)