Friday, March 07, 2008

Racial Discrimination

So the opposition says it can eliminate it. So you think discrimination happens in the government only? Let me point out just one point …..

I’ve been wrestling on a car loan with a bank for the last 2 months. Here’s what I’ve been facing :

I applied a loan with a Chinese bank, they approve after calling my office, me, my mother and god knows who else but won’t give me the full amount I asked for on the grounds they don’t think I can afford it. I give them a guarantor they still won't give me the full amount on the same grounds.

I move on to applying the loan at a Malay bank (wondering have I been delusioning myself on my financial status) which has a higher interest rate. They approve the loan even without calling me at the full rate though it means I will be paying more. THEY think I can afford it.

So you tell me doesn’t this blatantly scream RACIAL PROFILING????????

Private companies practice RACIAL DISCRIMINATION on a daily basis and what are these so called avengelers doing about it? NOTHING!

Reality is INDIANS ARE A MINORITY – no matter who is in power, you will feel the pinch, you will be discriminated. The key is to excel in your own fields, work had and smart.

I will be voting for the known devil – coz I don’t dare leave my future in the hands of the opposition!


Klaw said...

It's ironic that you're screaming racial profiling, while you are blatantly racially profiling the banks themselves (WTF is a Chinese bank, WTF is a Malay bank?).

Perhaps identifying with the known devil fits you, since you're comfortable with the system that profiles everyone by race.

Maybe you didn't realize that the bank didn't approve your loan due to more stringent qualification criteria due to a lower interest rate.

visithra said...

Klaw : Well when I asked the first bank what were the reasons - they said they don;t think I can afford it - they don;t think I can pay the ammount - which makes no sense when another bank thinks I can pay a larger amount.

this isn't the first time this particular bank is practicing this - I am making an official complaint at the bank and taking this further - coz I'm not gonna sit back n let someone do this to me

Klaw said...

You should make a complaint if you feel that is the case. But beware that different banks are not bound by the same screening criteria, and since you're talking about a bank with lower interest rates, it is to their commercial interests to have stricter vetting criteria.

Actually, if this is REALLY a case of racial discrimination, perhaps you should ask, under which government has this been allowed to happen. Ask yourself if there are enough sufficient laws against racism, and which government has not allowed these laws to be passed.

Equating a Chinese bank to the entire opposition in the elections is, to me, racially profiling the opposition.

No one can stop you from giving your vote to the 'known devil', but perhaps, maybe you should reconsider what liberties you give up to the 'known devil'

visithra said...

when you have had to sit 2 months on it - you try to understand the situation - when the basis of not being approved the full loan is based on your earning capacity - you give me another conclusion?

the system is not the only one doing racial profiling - what about racial balance in private companies - how many companies have lesser than 5% percent other race staffs in their companies?

visithra said...

But what are these screening criterias – a loan is approved based on whether 33 percent of your salary is sufficient to pay the installments and on your financial track – how regular you are in your payments.

I gave one example of why I won’t be voting for the opposition – I can give many other reasons – but I don’t have the time to write that lengthy post.

How a similar alliance happened in 99 but broke off because of difference in ideologies in 2001? After 2001 every single DAP member claimed it was a mistake it will never happen again – and they’re at it again?

So will there be another break up after the 2008 election and continued with we shouldn’t have worked with PAS?

Klaw said...

Likewise on how I shouldn't be preaching to you on politics without sounding like a MLM salesman, since everyone has different political ideologies :)

visithra said...

likewise ;)

Anonymous said...

Are you claiming that racism in private companies is not rampant? Ofcourse you know what it means by a Chinese Bank,Chinese company or Malay BAnks/Companies right? It means the major power holders are Chinese/Malays.

By that definiton are you totally denying that racial profiling is not rampant in Chinese Banks or companies? And 'identification of racial profiling'(as visithra was doing) is NOT racial profiling, just to clear your confusion.

visithra said...

anon : hey there

wasn't expecting anyone to share my views since everyone just doesn't see this side of the story

Yodaddy said...

At long last i've finally found someone blogging that they would vote for the devil.

Just my two cents worth, there is racial profiling in banks. I know of a MNC bank that for loans, it is in this order chinese,lain-lain, Indian, malay. For credit cards it is Malay, lain-lain, Indian, chinese. (all this is from memory, not too sure but i'm sure i got chinese and malay right)
In the respective order, the first mentioned score more points.And it is said generally, public bank is very tight with their money and Eon bank is considerably loose.Most other banks are average except for Bank Islam, they would borrow to anyone.

There is also racial profiling for insurance btw.

But all this is actually based purely on business point of view, based on statistical analysis and historical comparisons, etc.

You say you vote for BN, i respect that, but the road to stopping racial injustice starts from voting BN out and let us begin to unlearn what BN has fed us with. hopefully in a few years time, racial discrimination would not be here.

NoktahHitam said...

Sorry for being slow, but what does banking have anything to do with politics?

Regardless Malay Bank, Chinese Bank or Lain-Lain Bank, making more profit from you is their best interest.

visithra said...

yodaddy : yayyy for you

at least someone admits the truth

racial profilling happens all over the private sector - but everyone turns a blind eye on it

earlier klaw had asked i should blame the gov for that - for not making laws that prohibit it

fine today we make the law insisting that all companies private or gov must have at least 50 % of other races - in another decade we will have ppl opposing this as controlling how people do business

if private companies that are not totally governed by the ruling party practice racial discrimination so blantantly - why isn;t the opposition protesting against that

the road to ensuring you get the best is to vote for the right ppl - vote for ppl who are doing things - i live an area where theres more malays than other races - my neighbouring town has more chinese than other races - but i and many other can walk up to their offices anytime to talk to them about our problems or to meet them - the people I vote for do their job - they don't just appear 1 year before the elections - n surprise they're all BN

noktahhitam : because for the very simple reason is one day when u want to own a house, pay for your medical expense not covered by scheming insurance companies - u have no choice but to find a bank - coz ure a middle class citizen not poor enough to get government funds not rich enough to not need financial support

Klaw said...

alright, just to step back a little, I did not say that private companies don't practise racism. In fact, I see racism practised most frequently when it comes to hiring practises in private enterprises. Where are the laws against racism?

I've suffered racism all my life, whether explicit or subtle, and I am honestly sick of the ruling party only protecting their own interests of their own races, be it Malay, Indian, or Chinese.

If you truly believe in the ruling government, then you better bring this up with the MP you elected, otherwise, only complaining in this blog won't get anything changed, right?

BawangMerah said...

The first step to stop racial profiling, is to stop racial profiling. Does what race owns a banks matter? At all? Should it? The problem with bias is that it cuts both ways. The question is where does the blame end? Like a merry go round at a funfair.

It exists no doubt. But also jumping on the bandwagon never solved anything.

Ps. You're not suppose to tell who you voting for laa.

visithra said...

klaw : there is a law that states that if a company has certain number of employees they must have certain number of malays right - so private companies satisfy that quota by putting them in non exec rules - when 3/4 of the companies u've worked for has u as the only other race exec - u wonder - laws have loop holes - which ppl will gladly lap on

I'm sorry but MIC rarely worked for INdians - they worked for everyone but the indians

obviously complaining on a blog only won't make a difference - I'll up date the blog on what actions I took - once I get the results

bawangred : it doesn't matter when they're just - but when they give u lame excuses you look everywhere to see what the hell went wrong - i've already explained how i came to the conclusion - again i gave one reason - only one reason

for all the noise thats being made - the opposition didn't even think it necessary to put his face up in my area till the very last 2 days - did he forget we were under him or we just didn't matter?

my mother who was driving home was stopped by some 10 - 15 opposition members who told her vote for us ok - no why we should vote no thing - rather they were stopping cars and handing out pamplets - u wanna campaign don't stop people while theyre driving - it freaks out anyone especially someone who only got her license at the age of 58

i'm not jumping on a bandwagon - i gave one reason only one - a reason thats being justified, thats being told oh we dont have enough laws - when a law is introduced it will be claimed its intrusive

ps : as much as you're not supposed to - its my damn right who I vote for or whether i want to announce it