Thursday, March 27, 2008

Queen of evil!

The last two hours have been freaking funny.

My car dealer family friend got his people to pick up the car to do some legal work. We had insisted on getting the car easlier on the grounds of being superstitious. I suddenly got a call from him right after lunch.

uncle : why are you rearing snakes in your car
me : huh (totally confused)
uncle : we found a snake in your car
me : huh??? what the old car you mean?
uncle : no the new one
me : huh??? what???

I put the phone down and wondering if I had heard wrongly I called him back.

me : you found a snake inside the car?????
uncle : yes
me : huh? where? how? but how did it get in??
uncle : it was inside your glove compartment
me : huh how did it get there???
uncle : not sure
me : how big was it
uncle : a small one
me : huh but i've been parking the car inside!!!!

I quickly called my mom and told her
me : maa they found a snake inside the car
mom : huh the old car?
me : no no the new one
mom : how????
me : i don't know - you call uncle and find out somemore for me!

Mom calls the uncle and then calls me
mom : its a cobra
me : huh??
mom : they found the skin on the passenger seat
me : huh but i didn't see it earlier
mom : donno but they lost it - theyre searching the whole car to see where the snake went!
me : huh u mean its still missing????

err can my life get any weirder??

now I do live near a river and thick jungle like area. So it could have come from there but I'm not sure how it got in since I had just filled up the car with my stuff.

Did it get inside from the dealers?
Are there snakes near my house???
did someone put it inside the car???
or did it fly in while I was winding down the window? (a huge spider once flew into my brothers car near home while driving on a deserted highway road)

At the moment we have no answers - since said snake is still MIA. I donno if I should laugh or be scared. I am laughing though ;p

Maybe the snake was targeting the bird nest at home. our yearly baby birds have just hatched and we've began our save them from the cats duty. everytime I reach home there are 3 cats sitting below the bamboo plant waiting for the birds to fall I guess.

I told a friend about the snake.
She told me to put out a saucer of milk for it!
Hello??? I really don't want to rear snakes!

the other friend claims I'm evil thats y I have snakes and bats!
But he doesn't think I can be the queen of evil!
So not fair! I'm still declaring my self queen of evil!

I think animals have some attachment to me.

A bat visited me on my 17th birthdaqy. it got lost inside the house. we had to sit without the fan for 2 hours so that it wouldn't accidentaly fly into the fan blades.
A colony of ants were living at the side of my car inside a secret compartment by the door.
and now I have a snake inside the car!

how weirder can I get????

ps : anyone knows it significants?
pss : will update as I find out more ;p


They finally had to call the Firefighters (bomba) to catch the snake. The snake was found hiding inside the dashboard. we still have no idea how it got inside the car. everyone is baffled!


Ganesh said...

Visithra I can only say,
Murugan Thunai :)

anasalwa said...

Perhaps the snake has been living in your new car for a while, hiding somewhere behind the nooks and crooks.I hope the snake you will find it soon.

visithra said...

ganesh : thanks ;) u have to read the new post to understand how murugan came into the picture - what a coincidence ;)

ana : nah if it had the snake would have died by now - snakes can't live in cars - they found the snake

novin said...

actually the bat will never accidenly masuk into the fan.. it has like the best visions(they see tru sound waves) in animal planet... once i tried to hit a bat in a similar situation at my home with a tennis racket... the bugger excaped...