Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Obsessive reader

An obssesive reader of my blog - must be since she can point out exact dates of when I post stuff has called me a baboon because of this post.

If at the cost of my safety and my dire want to remain alive and not another murder/rape statistic, and for the fact that I have been followed by the same bunch of people in the last 15 years at least that i have run out of fast food restaurants, shopping complex, trains, restaurants or kicked or screamed at one I'm to be called a racist baboon so be it!

I rather be safe than sorry.

LOl I don't take people who have no experience dealing with other races seriously.


Aadisht said...


may I point out that your Blogger template displays the date on each post?

Teleute said...

You must have known her all your life. You know so much about her dealings with other races.

visithra said...

aadisht : the blog posts were written far apart from each other - unless someone was obsessively reading my blog and waiting for the right moment to pounce - they couldn't have gotten both post together - it pipoints that this was not a one off thing

teleute : I shall admit that it was based on her geographic location

anyway i have no interest in finding out about her

KaV said...

after reading thoroughly ur post(s) and her post on the matter, one thing is clear. Some people potray themselves as distinguished members of society, yet are helplessly ignorant fools.

I agree with ur argument. More so coz ur "obsessive reader" AND her commenters have failed to take into account our country's predicament and policies.

Sometimes, just let the dogs bark.

visithra said...

kav : I agree - all apples may look alike but none are identical ;)

ah yes I've given my explanation - given an eye view of the situation here - n now I'm not bothered about it anymore - I'd rather do something else ;p

Like find that snake hiding in my car! ;p

Aadisht said...


you mean it is impossible for someone to read your entire front page? I did it.

Sunil said...

I dropped by from the other linking blog, I just want to say that I find no racist sentiment in your second post. But cant be entirely sure of the first, not on reasonable grounds. I am not the sort of a person who would encourage ganging up against another blogger for his/her views, but, having witnessed such activity against you I felt obligated to ask a few pertinent questions on the issue, which so far haven’t been answered. I just wanted you to know that I find you aren’t expressing what you have been accused of.

Sunil said...

Ah! one more thing, used to be fluent in sanskrit before, wondering about the etymology of your handle? cant seem to derive it.