Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Adventure

New adventure People kept asking me when I was upgrading to a dslr - the problem was I didn't see it as an upgrade.

look at the things I've been able to do with my humble point and shoot - my baby the canon powershot a620.

and so I will call the Canon 350d a new adventure.

This adventure wouldn't have been possible without the help from my dear friend Johan. I look up to Johan for advice on anything photography - from lens to light to his amazing sense of fun - this is someone who is always willing to help you when you need help.

He helped me get my canon - there was never a second thought - only problem is everytime I call him he confuses me! ;p

Thanks for everything Johan.


Pixelated Mo said...

so u got your self a 350D... nice.. cant wait to see what you churn out.... ;)

visithra said...

thanks ;)

Masatran said...

My friend recently bought a 350D, and we were discussing lens options...may I recommend a lens to you? The Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II is a big aperture lens, yet is not expensive (80-90 USA dollars). The big aperture will help capture moving subjects clearly, and also allow to make the background out of focus when desired (bokeh).

visithra said...

masatran : yep i got that one then itself ;p it has its pros n cons but i love htat lens