Monday, March 31, 2008

I will always be there for you

Its not everyday you find a snake in your car. For someone who laughs off everything it was pretty easy to find it funny. However that lasted half the day only.

It took firemen 4 hours to find the snake and capture it. The snake had curled up into the dashboard and refused to come out. They had to spray insect repellent to force the snake out. Apparently snakes can suffocate – don’t ask me I wasn’t there. Never saw the snake, can only write on the feedback I got.

The snake had been found sitting inside my car’s glove compartment. As I had taken the car earlier (thank god) my agent’s people had come by to get the car on Thursday. They were supposed to have come on Wednesday but I changed it. Don’t know who to thank for that – my intuition and god I guess.

They later told me the snake was about 17 inches long or about 41 cms and as thick as a women’s wrist. The biggest bomb of the day was when the firemen told them that there was no way for the snake to slip into the car’s glove compartment. They believe someone had placed it there.

How interesting. I was pretty shaken by then. Took the day off – still can’t figure out who and why would people want to leave a snake in my car. What good would killing me do to them?

To my knowledge I have not hurt anyone physically, or stolen from anyone. Emotionally I may have hurt people who have inflicted pain on me or my loved ones – I have a sassy mouth – I talk back – regardless of the persons age, status or whatever else.

It may have been jealousy though as someone has broken our car windows before (smashed into pieces) – we had to do a police report on that.

My dr who’s usually calculative over the medicine he gives me, dumped all sorts of pills into my hand when he heard my story.

Him: maybe you’re in a love triangle
Me : unfortunately no!
him : unfortunately no????
me : well at least I would know who did it right?
Him : lol

Everyone else who kept asking me who might have done it got this answer.

me : yaarukku terium pambhu enna address vithuthu pocha?
: who knows! Its not as if the snake left an address for me to follow through!

Anyway on the bright side, I will one day be able to tell my grandchildren that someone wants tried to kill me! heh not everyone gets to tell that story!

God was definetly smilling on me. while we were sitting pondering over the incident, suddenly out of the blue a temple priest walks into our house to give us temple offerings.

Now this is the second time this has happened in my life. The offerings came from the same Murugan temple during one of the moments where I desperately needed assurance. A few years back, just prior to one of my most important solo performance, a series of incidents had left me really depressed. There I was wondering was all this really worth all that pain and filthy words?

There walks in the priest unannounced with his offerings. My faith in god grew mountain folds. It was as if he was reassuring me,

“Look here little one, yes you have no choice but to go through all these problems, but believe me I will always be there for you.”

Seeing him again at such a pressing moment, my heart renewed with vigour. No matter what I’ll be able to get through this.

Anyway life goes on, I don’t hate the car, have not developed any new phobias.

God bless me and everyone I love.

Ps : if anyone can tell me that snakes can get into a car’s glove compartment with proof please let me know.


anasalwa said...

Phewwwww....I'm glad they got rid of the snake. Be careful, okay Vis?

Sashi said...

Oh dear. Never heard of a snake in a glove compartment either.

I've heard of snakes climbing into the engine, but glove compartment? No way.

Be careful out there...

Pixelated Mo said...

hmmmm... i believe the firemen were wrong....actually the snake cld have come tru the back of the glove compartment... there is space from the engine to the aircon area... is this the Honda or the Iswara? Anyway both have space at the back of the glove compartment especially the Iswara.

visithra said...

on a replying old comments spree ;p - lol i've been a bad blogger

ana : yes i will thanks for the concern

sashi : me neither - yeah i will thanks ;)

mo : u think so? its a honda

i hope it was just that