Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I KNOW what you wore!!

When someone tells you they remember you coz they remember what you wore at an event months back, you .....

Freak if it was a gal since it either means you were trendy or so gaudy/lame they couldn't get your gaudiness out of their memory
Freak if it was a guy coz errr why the hell does he have to remember what you were wearing! yikes!
Freak even more coz you can't for the life of you remember what you were wearing at said event
Wonder why they remembered your clothes and not your face

The mind is a mysterious dwelling I tell ya!

ps : I've been too busy to even post anything sigh


sakun said...

HAHA! u noe, its kinda freakier wen someone noes exactly what u were dng at some event wen u cant rmber anythng..ppl rmbering small details of you is scary, kay..LOL

Inder said...

people remember so many things... one of my friends remembers the every date he comes across. he remembers the dates of births, phone numbers, etc of every one he meets. another friends remembers almost all movies, when it was released, its cast, how it did at box office, etc...
and here i am... forgetting what i did a moment earlier. damn.

visithra said...

sakun : i know its too scary - its like whoaaa what the hell

inder : wow what a memory - u thin khe could spare us some of his ?