Monday, March 17, 2008


I can’t see you
What do you mean you can’t see me? I’m standing in the middle of the road under the rain – and you can’t see me????

I was trying very hard to direct one of my friends to the boys home while it was raining cats and dog on Saturday. I finally had to stand in the middle of the rain and got soaked trying to direct him to the home. He finally turns up from the other direction, much to the amusement of the children.

We spent the evening with the kids who were true Malaysians – since they seem to prefer Ramly burgers (local burger) over any other fast food and all this while we thought they loved KFC. My friends had also organized to get the kids personalized t-shirts printed with their names. We had wanted to spend more time with the kids but they had to go for a function. Thanks to the rain their ride turned up late and we had more time with them.

Its always fun to watch the kids and talk to them. I don’t think people ever seem them so boisterous, singing in groups but never alone, dancing away and telling us stories. Listening to all of them at one go is an unbelievable task. When they take your hand and tug you to come watch them perform, I don’t think they realize its our hearts they’re playing games with.

Earlier that day I had taken my South African sister and Iranian brother out shopping for Indian clothes for one of our friends engagement this Saturday. People were actually waiting outside the dressing room to look at how she looked in a salwar kameez. That was really funny, both of us managed to convince her colour does look nice on her! ;p

Oh I’m amazed how fast it took to indianize her, the first shop she was wanting all plain clothes but by the 3rd shop she was heading for the fully embroided stuff! ;p

Sunday was the meet the in laws day – not mine but my brothers, it was an interesting experience. From there we headed straight to my nephews engagement, yes nephew. They were family friends even before they became related to us. I’ve got too many relatives but these ppl are my favourite.

Everytime patti sees me she’ll give me a huge bear hug that nearly squeezes the life out of me and I love that.

An aunt tried to bug me to get married, with the lamest reasons.

you’ll be lonely
Err my life is very different I have no time actually – I do so many things!

Your mother wants grandchildren
She can have my brothers kids

She wants yours
well she can spoil 30 kids between the ages 3 to 16 – they’re all mine!

That actually got her to keep quiet! Yayyyyyyyyyy

The next few weeks is gonna be crazy, a friends engagement, anothers wedding, my groups anniv, my coming trip, a kid that’s about to pop out anytime soon (god bless that pregnancy) and a few other things. Whoa !

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