Friday, March 21, 2008


I shop alone. I can follow people shopping but when it comes to buying stuff for myself - I shop alone.

SHopping alone has its hazzards though. Take what happened a month ago - I was on leave for the CNY break and out shopping in KLCC. Since I had the whole day there, I thought I'd catch a movie and then go shopping actually I just needed one stuff.

Anyway I walk out after buying the ticket and notice this black/african/ following me. Thinking I was imagining things, I turned into ISETAN, only to find the guy still following me. So I desperately dash down the excalator and try to lose him, I'm practically sprinting in a mall. I reach the womens section and guess what? He's still following me! By now I'm freaking out so much I go hide behind a pillar and 2 salesgals. They give me this bemused look and I tell them there's a guy following me. Thinking I might be paranoid they were about to peek out of the pillar when MR stalker peeks back at us.

Realising I was being followed, they asked me to hide in the dressing room. and so for the next 20 minutes, I sat frightened and angry inside the dressing room till the knocked to let me out. it seems he was walking around the section and even asked if some shirt could be worn by men. HELLO ITS A WOMENS DEPARTMENT!

Thank god I didn't bump into him again.

Same thing happened again yesterday, another black/african guy started following me in Tesco. he walked up to me and tried to strike a conversation while I was trying to figure out which cookie was nicer and I walked away and caught up with me at the cheese section. You see that was my first time to Tesco (don't be shocked), I just wanted to compare prices and offerings compared to Giant and Carrefour which is closer to home. Conclusion : my neighbourhood grocer is still cheaper and the vegetables are fresher!

Anyways there I am comparing the cheese variety and he walks up to me again (I thought I had lost him) and goes hello can we talk?

I politely say no and try to choose cheese.

he goes WHY???

AIYOOOOOO I tell him coz I'm not interested and forget about cheese and head towards the exit afraid he might follow me again.


Why is it people don't understand NO. why is it you have to follow and freak out someone in the first place. ITS SCARY.

And why are black/ africans so up front and persistent. Don't they understand the word NO? These aren't the first time I've had problems with them.

And someone once commented here that east malaysia isnt safe - hello nowhere's safe you just have to be street smart!


An obssesive reader of my blog - must be since she can point out exact dates of when I post stuff has called me a baboon because of this post.

If at the cost of my safety and my dire want to remain alive and not another murder/rape statistic, and for the fact that I have been followed by the same bunch of people in the last 15 years at least that i have run out of fast food restaurants, shopping complex, trains, restaurants or kicked or screamed at one I'm to be called a racist baboon so be it!

I rather be safe than sorry.

LOl I don't take people who have no experience dealing with other races


Me said...

...hmm...may be he saw too many tamil films where the heroine says "no" and hero still tries and succeeds...:p

Orange Fronkey said...

the above comment is too funny.

Next time look at the person and start to cry.. perhaps that'd scare them away.. or pretend that you are deaf and dumb. I know some guys are just too freaky and come on strong. I usually get Hispanics being stupid but they don't follow you like crazy around here, they know better haha. I also tend to attract older guys *shiver* so scary!

anasalwa said...

That was a scary experience. Where was the security guards when you needed them?
Anyway, I hope the incidents won't stop your joy of shopping alone. Just be alert, pelase.

visithra said...

me : heheh i think so too - ewww

orange : hehe yeah

i tried the deaf n dumb - it didnt work - i dowanna cryla - it will atract too much attention - i know i get the older men disgusting looks as well - its so ewwwwwwwwwwwww

ana : outside the mall i guess - they r after all there to protect the interest of the management not the ppl who shop in their stores - no it hasn't - no worries there - coz i get this quite often - its irritating but i've learnt to be very careful - thanks for the concern ;)

tulipspeaks said...

seriously i dont know from whr all these ppl came..all of the sudden! they are everywhere - malls, parks, swimming pools. it will be alrite if they just mind their own biz, and we ours. but seems like the guys just enjoy disturbing local girls - indian girls particularly. and yes, they don't take a 'no' for an answer. came across so many of them in puchong. ggrrrrr!!!


Kervin said...

Creepy. Anyway its a misconception that East Malaysia is less safe than here. I've been there for five years and at no point have I ever been harassed, feared for my life or walked out with worries that I'd be robbed, kidnapped or sold off to a foreign country. Instead when I got back here in KL everyone told me to lock my car doors, careful where I go, don't go out too late alone and the news just keeps on coming with murders, rapes, kidnappings and snatch thieves. Scary comparison.

visithra said...

ammu : i would really be happy if someone understood the word no i dont want to be disturbed

kervin : indeed - i think a place is as safe as how careful u are.