Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Flickr Stealer

flickr stealer

I was reading through the election news when I found one of my photos plastered on someone’s blog without even a single acknowledgement. I immediately emailed the owner and asked it to be removed. While he did remove the image, he didn’t even bother to apologise on the incident.



I suggest you check out his website to see if your photo was stolen as well.

UPDATE : The blogger has apologised. So I"m removing his link and the image.


Anonymous said...

Dah nak ambil gambar, dah nak orang tengok, dah orang tengok, dah orang suka, dah orang ambik, dah marah pulak. Baik ambil gambar simpan dalam album foto. Tak payah buat cakar ayam, to all flicker thieves..

visithra said...

anon : photographers know the rights of taking other ppls photo - we don't misuse the photos, if we take ppl in public unless its an event we dont allow it to be used for any other purpose - we do not misuse our rights

kalau nak ambik bayar untuk guna - effort does not come free of charge - yang u comment as anon to pasal apa? tak berani bagi name ke or just used to stealing other ppls photos?

Anonymous said...

the best way is to put your signature in the middle of the picture.

visithra said...

anon : oh we do but they still steal

camphor said...

Wow, aren't you giving him free publicity? He's probably getting more hits through you than anywhere else today. And he's an example, not the issue... Or so I think. I wish people would have the common courtesy to give due credit....

Anonymous said...

Know the internet rules and play the game, don't have to shout like a crazy biatch for thing that in the rules of internet... Shock to see someone like you still online blog and upload pictures...

visithra said...

camphor : its called community service - when someone has no common sence, or decency to do the right thing - he needs to be pointed out - coz i'm not the only one affected

anon : lol trust balless nameless anons to come with their tails hidden between their legs and call you names - u live in the caveman world - everything from content to photos that I've taken is MY COPYRIGHT - it can be reproduced only with my permission - internet laws give me the jurisdiction to sue whoever who does otherwise - just because you don't know the law doesn't make me crazy or you right - it just shows how ignorant you are - go read the link below to find out how I should and will protect my rights


just because you're an ignorant idiot who can't even write a paragraph without gramatical errors - it doesnt make me stupid

i've been a blogger before the blogging fad went crazyly huge in malaysia - i know my rights - trying to defend your friends mistake doesn;t make you a saint - just shows how stupid you are

Josh said...

Hi Vis,
I was alerted by my pals on your post. I want to say I did sent you an email to apologise and I immediately removed the picture. In the rush of posting, i forgot to give u credit.
Its my mistake.

I promise i will not post ur pics unless i get ur permission.

I am not into getting more hits via contraversy. thats not my motive. Ads are little value for me.

visithra said...

josh : your pals have been very hostile - you should tell them to read up on internet laws and how their ip can be tracked back to them - you don't get away for making unsavoury remarks

Thank you for the apology but I did not receive any emails - I waited 3 days before I posted this.

On another note - you still have other flickr photos on your site - as a flickr group moderator - it is my duty to point out again that FLICKR IS NOT A FREE STOCK SITE - pls credit them or use the blog tool for available on flickr for owners who allow their photos to be blogged so that due credit is given.

hope you act accordingly after this

Josh said...

Hi Vis,
Thanks for the reply. I dont think those who posted on the blog are my pals, but perhaps just passer-by.

I am new to Flickr, and have not used the post via flickr - i think it is rather cumbersome compared to other tools. But will take ur hint next.

I think I gave credits where I could, others I cant tell where i got them from.

visithra said...

josh : maybe they're your fans - but they're still checking the post

its cumbersome because it protects the rights of the photographer - a lot of people make a living out of it or take it really seriously

I'm sure you wou;dn't want people plagarising your blog posts ;)

Anonymous said...


I'm just another who wishes to remain anon, but I'm impelled right here and now to state categorically, without any hesitation, that your pictures are some of the most creative, most original photographic works I have ever seen, on or off line. The same goes for your other kolam and other works.

Therefore, legal or not legal, anyone who wishes to copy your work should have the decency, respect and honour to contact you first before simply 'ambil and pakai'....

Keep up the great work, the world, especially Malaysians of every colour, and the Indian community worldwide is very proud to have produced a Vish amongst our midst.

With best wishes....

Josh said...

Thanks for removing the link, why do you still want the image to stay? I didn't steal from others as far as I know and not from you too.

Your objective have been met, why keep the image and give others the wrong impression of me?

visithra said...

anon : hi thanks ;) glad you like my work

big words for a very small contribution - thanks ;)

josh : because flickrites were still discussing it - and while you credit them you're still downloading their images - i don't think you get the issue - read up on the rights of a photographer - again respect them

anyway the image has been changed.