Wednesday, March 26, 2008


My boss insists that we use MSN messenger in the office. I on the other hand hate MSN, I love GMAIL chat instead. So despite my protests I’ve had to use MSN.

If there is one thing I love about MSN is its emoticons – they are so colourful.

Anyway we were discussing a serious issue before we headed out for lunch when one of the word I typed had the word die in it.

Immediately this gory emoticon appears.

Me : err sorry that wasn’t supposed to appear
She : oh dear that’s so bloody I’ve lost my appetite
Me : errr opps
She : …. Come lets go to lunch now!!!
Me : ????



geetha said...

wow! that emoticon is scary.. didn't know they had such things, since i don't use msn..
so nice to have your boss allow to use chat at work, our's doesn't :(

gina said...

I don't fancy emoticons at all! BAH! But most of my friends are on MSN.

Eh.. I sent you an e-mail on Chiang Mai to your gmail. I hope it helps. :D

visithra said...

geetha : yeah u should watch it go - ooh they do - they have so many and its so easy to add them

yeah mine does - since we discuss stuff on it - but i still dont like msn ;p

gina : heheh - i used to be a regular chatter now dont have the time or the interest - so i'm on invisible most times

hey i did - thanks havent had time to read through ;)