Tuesday, March 25, 2008


LoveThe weekend was amazingly hectic. So many things happened in just 2 days.

My car finally arrived after all that delay. I was supposed to get it delivered home and send off my old car only on Saturday. They however decided to exchange the car at my office. The car hadn’t been washed or cleared and I had loads of things inside the car!

So I had to rush down and clean the car of every single memoriable inside the car. Now I practically live inside my car given the hours spent driving. I have clothes, tones of shoes, stationary, books, files, cassettes, receipts and much more. By the time I cleared the car I was sweaty, dusty and I had 3bags full of stuff.

When they finally arrived to exchange the cars, it was so windy, my hair was flying all over the place. Little had I known the wind was an indication of the weekend’s weather.

It was a bitter sweet moment as I gleefully took my new car keys and gave 1666’s keys. I watched them drive the car away and as I got into the car I got a call saying they’d forgotten something. So I got a final look at 1666. sigh gonna miss him.

What did I get? A super deal. When I was looking for a car, I had no idea what I wanted coz I really hadn’t want another car coz cars are horrible investments. The moment you sign the car deal, the price drops. Anyway our family friend suggested I take this particular car though it was a used one. The selling point was the car has only hit 28k mileage in the last 3 years! And so that’s how I decided on the Honda City Vtec after test driving it. The scariest part about the car is its all white interior – darn I can no longer be lazy!

I’m still trying to get a hang on its security feature – the car locks down if you don’t twist the key in the right way.

So Saturday morning we take the car to the temple to be blessed. Hindu’s usually get our automobiles blessed at the temple. We also do blessing ceremonies before moving into new houses. It’s supposed to throw away any bad luck that may follow with the car. The priest would draw religious symbols on the windscreen and do a few rituals.

The priest was extra excited. He was telling us this.

Visithra ooruhke kolam pohdum annal avenge kadikku naan than kolam pohduren.
Visithra puts kolams everywhere but for I’m the one who puts for her car.


A whole drama happened after that – I’ll post on it later as that’s something I want to discuss.

I admit I had something to do with the non-stop rain on Saturday. I was going out to run errands when I casually mention to my mom – I think I won’t have to wash off the drawings on the rain would do it.

We were about to reach home when it suddenly rained so heavily we couldn’t get out of the car to open the house door. We were actually stuck inside the car for 20 mins!

That evening was one of my closest friends engagement. We had been talking about this for months and the day was finally here. First we’d have to find the place.

Joy I successfully got us lost after battling one two many traffic jams. Well how was I supposed to know there was 2 similarly named turnings in that area! For once I’ll hail Malaysian timing, we arrived just as the ceremony was about to start. Though it wasn’t really raining during the ceremony, the outdoor engagement area was soaked wet. Most of us especially the two of us who were taking photos found our saris and shawls ends soaked wet by the end of the ceremony.

it was a beautiful ceremony – even on stage on his engagement my friend was still monkeying around. I have photos to prove ;p wishing them absolutely the best.

I was probably on some hyper med – coz I spent the rest of the night cleaning and organizing my things. I had to sort out some old documents and the stuff from the car. I only slept at 8 am!

Since the interiors all creamy (yikes!) I have to make sure I don’t mess up the car. So I actually got containers to organize the shoes in the car. Ooh and I like those containers – they have wheels!

As you can see Sunday was spent cleaning and organizing my space.

The biggest highlight however was the chopping of my locks. I haven’t snipped my hair for the last 2 years. The hair grew so long it was waist length! Though I loved my hair and curls it was irritating the hell out of me. Now it’s a bit shorter than I had initially wanted but I guess the hairs weight had been straightening out the curls – coz now they’re extra curly and bouncy! ;p

Oh god you have no idea how light my head feels now! Yayyyyyyyyyyy

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