Thursday, March 06, 2008

All smiles

All smilesHe had discovered the little button could do wonders but how was he going to play with it without being caught. So he slowly but surely glides his finger to the button only to hear a resounding aiiiiiiiii just mms from his target.

(darn she caught me)

I'm taller than youHe turns back and flashes his oh so innocent smile at her as if nothing happened. He got rewarded a peck on his forehead for trying to be naughty!

The little one was seated on my lap as we traveled for an outing with the children from the home. He is the youngest and most huggable kid at home. I hadn’t been to the home for some time now for many reasons. I had been missing them a lot but there were things that needed to be looked after. The call to babysit them came precisely at the right time.

Nearly thereI was pretty nervous to walk into the home coz I wasn’t sure how they would react. I knew they hadn’t forgotten me as they did ask about me on and off. The house was filled with visitors and the children were inside when I walked in. The moment they saw me the younger ones came running out to ask me “where have you been?”

I can tie my shoelaces without lookingOne of the elder boys walks in and completely ignores me and I’m a bit bewildered. Then he walks out and asks

“eh who is this la?”

He got a punch and they started telling me stories. I breath a sigh of relief - all was right, my babies weren’t hating me. The younger ones even cuddled up to me as I heard them tell me stories and judged a singing competition. They updated me on what was going on at the home, who had left, who was new.

PLaygroundThe group were taking the kids to see a lion dance performance at a shopping mall. Thankfully no matter how close I am to them, they are a bit scared of me – otherwise imagine babysitting 26 kids alone! I kept worrying that I’d lose one to the chaos of the mall. Hehehe must have been a funny sight to see this Indian lady with a kid on her hip and another 24 indian boys and 1 chinese boy walking the malls. Believe me people did stop!

Speaking of assumptions – the boys were teasing me earlier.

them : so hows your son?
me : huh (wondering err do I unknowingly have children?)
them : ur favouritela? (one of the boys who left the home)
me : oh yeah he’s fine I think ;p (haven’t called the kid for sometime)

I actually call them my babies, so that’s son right ;) Just don’t tell them or they’ll stop being scared of me, and that is a big NO when you’re involved with children.

I'm the timid sliderAs expected some of the younger ones did cry. We then headed to the playground in Lake Gardens for some time out. The kids as usual posed away – they are truly photogenic. I kept running after the little ones to make sure they didn’t get lost. By the time we got back some of them were fast asleep – we talked somemore as I waited for the rain to stop. It feels great to be back after not going for a few months.

ps : those wishing to contribute to the home can check them out here

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