Monday, March 24, 2008

Adieu to 1666

That was my third car’s number – catchy isn’t it. Well that was my dads fav combination of numbers. The car was after all his. I took over the car when he passed away. It was more like I was forced to claim ownership of the car coz I had relatives waiting to snatch it away from us barely a week after my fathers demise.

The car has been a sanctuary to me in the last 4 years. It’s seen tones of laughter, tears, love and shared so many memories. You could call the car my healing stone. I grasped on its imperfections, refusing to repair the dent on the side of the car my dad had encountered for sentimental reasons. 3 friendship bracelets my dad had placed remained in the same spot for the last 4 years.

Despite the many problems that began to creep up in the car in the last 2 years, I refused to let go. I finally let go last January when I realized having to visit the mechanics every 2 weeks isn’t normal.

The wira was a delightful car, I traveled so many places with it. It could tell you so many stories and I’m VERY THANKFUL it can’t. lol

The car was a riot of emotions. My creepiest moment was felt in 1666. less than 2 weeks after dad had passed on I felt the strangest tingle while reparking the car after his prayers. I remember saying – whoever you are leave me alone – and freaking out for weeks after. I can’t describe the feeling, it could have been my imagination but it was very real.

The number of times I’ve cried in the car out of frustration, anger, despair. I’ve only hit another car twice in the 4 years of driving the car and both happened last year and the major one was influenced by certain incidents.

Let’s not even discuss anger, I have a legendary temper. If you knew me well you’d have known it last as fast as it brew. There are of course expectations when I threw people out of my life totally.

Best of all the laughter that continued to ring through the car. The various trips, the sudden movie craze, the jokes, the tickles, the hugs and kisses.

The car exchange happened so suddenly we didn’t have enough time to say goodbye. All I had was just a short moment to give you a peck. Like what another friend said, we’re gonna miss you 1666. It’s time to share memories with another one.

Bye love – it was nice knowing you.


Ashwina said...

i dunno what to say.. but, if you visit mechanic once in 2 weeks, i think you made a right choice...

Mani said...

wish you could move on.. don't get tangled with your past dear... 4 years is a good number to heal...

visithra said...

eerrr im a bit confused - are u both spammers or just comment crazy - both ur blogs lead to different blogs with the same author name - whoa im impressed with ur spamming work

tulipspeaks said...

i've been driving my kancil for 7 years now, and its time for a newer car. its a bit sad to see my 1980 going to my bro but at least it will be in the compound :P

i understand the love you have for 1666. many times, my 1980 act as a companion for me, a loyal one that is.



visithra said...

;) hugs