Monday, March 31, 2008

I will always be there for you

Its not everyday you find a snake in your car. For someone who laughs off everything it was pretty easy to find it funny. However that lasted half the day only.

It took firemen 4 hours to find the snake and capture it. The snake had curled up into the dashboard and refused to come out. They had to spray insect repellent to force the snake out. Apparently snakes can suffocate – don’t ask me I wasn’t there. Never saw the snake, can only write on the feedback I got.

The snake had been found sitting inside my car’s glove compartment. As I had taken the car earlier (thank god) my agent’s people had come by to get the car on Thursday. They were supposed to have come on Wednesday but I changed it. Don’t know who to thank for that – my intuition and god I guess.

They later told me the snake was about 17 inches long or about 41 cms and as thick as a women’s wrist. The biggest bomb of the day was when the firemen told them that there was no way for the snake to slip into the car’s glove compartment. They believe someone had placed it there.

How interesting. I was pretty shaken by then. Took the day off – still can’t figure out who and why would people want to leave a snake in my car. What good would killing me do to them?

To my knowledge I have not hurt anyone physically, or stolen from anyone. Emotionally I may have hurt people who have inflicted pain on me or my loved ones – I have a sassy mouth – I talk back – regardless of the persons age, status or whatever else.

It may have been jealousy though as someone has broken our car windows before (smashed into pieces) – we had to do a police report on that.

My dr who’s usually calculative over the medicine he gives me, dumped all sorts of pills into my hand when he heard my story.

Him: maybe you’re in a love triangle
Me : unfortunately no!
him : unfortunately no????
me : well at least I would know who did it right?
Him : lol

Everyone else who kept asking me who might have done it got this answer.

me : yaarukku terium pambhu enna address vithuthu pocha?
: who knows! Its not as if the snake left an address for me to follow through!

Anyway on the bright side, I will one day be able to tell my grandchildren that someone wants tried to kill me! heh not everyone gets to tell that story!

God was definetly smilling on me. while we were sitting pondering over the incident, suddenly out of the blue a temple priest walks into our house to give us temple offerings.

Now this is the second time this has happened in my life. The offerings came from the same Murugan temple during one of the moments where I desperately needed assurance. A few years back, just prior to one of my most important solo performance, a series of incidents had left me really depressed. There I was wondering was all this really worth all that pain and filthy words?

There walks in the priest unannounced with his offerings. My faith in god grew mountain folds. It was as if he was reassuring me,

“Look here little one, yes you have no choice but to go through all these problems, but believe me I will always be there for you.”

Seeing him again at such a pressing moment, my heart renewed with vigour. No matter what I’ll be able to get through this.

Anyway life goes on, I don’t hate the car, have not developed any new phobias.

God bless me and everyone I love.

Ps : if anyone can tell me that snakes can get into a car’s glove compartment with proof please let me know.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Queen of evil!

The last two hours have been freaking funny.

My car dealer family friend got his people to pick up the car to do some legal work. We had insisted on getting the car easlier on the grounds of being superstitious. I suddenly got a call from him right after lunch.

uncle : why are you rearing snakes in your car
me : huh (totally confused)
uncle : we found a snake in your car
me : huh??? what the old car you mean?
uncle : no the new one
me : huh??? what???

I put the phone down and wondering if I had heard wrongly I called him back.

me : you found a snake inside the car?????
uncle : yes
me : huh? where? how? but how did it get in??
uncle : it was inside your glove compartment
me : huh how did it get there???
uncle : not sure
me : how big was it
uncle : a small one
me : huh but i've been parking the car inside!!!!

I quickly called my mom and told her
me : maa they found a snake inside the car
mom : huh the old car?
me : no no the new one
mom : how????
me : i don't know - you call uncle and find out somemore for me!

Mom calls the uncle and then calls me
mom : its a cobra
me : huh??
mom : they found the skin on the passenger seat
me : huh but i didn't see it earlier
mom : donno but they lost it - theyre searching the whole car to see where the snake went!
me : huh u mean its still missing????

err can my life get any weirder??

now I do live near a river and thick jungle like area. So it could have come from there but I'm not sure how it got in since I had just filled up the car with my stuff.

Did it get inside from the dealers?
Are there snakes near my house???
did someone put it inside the car???
or did it fly in while I was winding down the window? (a huge spider once flew into my brothers car near home while driving on a deserted highway road)

At the moment we have no answers - since said snake is still MIA. I donno if I should laugh or be scared. I am laughing though ;p

Maybe the snake was targeting the bird nest at home. our yearly baby birds have just hatched and we've began our save them from the cats duty. everytime I reach home there are 3 cats sitting below the bamboo plant waiting for the birds to fall I guess.

I told a friend about the snake.
She told me to put out a saucer of milk for it!
Hello??? I really don't want to rear snakes!

the other friend claims I'm evil thats y I have snakes and bats!
But he doesn't think I can be the queen of evil!
So not fair! I'm still declaring my self queen of evil!

I think animals have some attachment to me.

A bat visited me on my 17th birthdaqy. it got lost inside the house. we had to sit without the fan for 2 hours so that it wouldn't accidentaly fly into the fan blades.
A colony of ants were living at the side of my car inside a secret compartment by the door.
and now I have a snake inside the car!

how weirder can I get????

ps : anyone knows it significants?
pss : will update as I find out more ;p


They finally had to call the Firefighters (bomba) to catch the snake. The snake was found hiding inside the dashboard. we still have no idea how it got inside the car. everyone is baffled!

2009 calendar?

I need some info.

Does anyone know when Thaipusam 2009 will take place.

I found out when the Chinese New Year will be on in 2009 - Jan 26.

will let you know why I need the info later ;p

help please - pretty please ;p

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


My boss insists that we use MSN messenger in the office. I on the other hand hate MSN, I love GMAIL chat instead. So despite my protests I’ve had to use MSN.

If there is one thing I love about MSN is its emoticons – they are so colourful.

Anyway we were discussing a serious issue before we headed out for lunch when one of the word I typed had the word die in it.

Immediately this gory emoticon appears.

Me : err sorry that wasn’t supposed to appear
She : oh dear that’s so bloody I’ve lost my appetite
Me : errr opps
She : …. Come lets go to lunch now!!!
Me : ????


Obsessive reader

An obssesive reader of my blog - must be since she can point out exact dates of when I post stuff has called me a baboon because of this post.

If at the cost of my safety and my dire want to remain alive and not another murder/rape statistic, and for the fact that I have been followed by the same bunch of people in the last 15 years at least that i have run out of fast food restaurants, shopping complex, trains, restaurants or kicked or screamed at one I'm to be called a racist baboon so be it!

I rather be safe than sorry.

LOl I don't take people who have no experience dealing with other races seriously.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


LoveThe weekend was amazingly hectic. So many things happened in just 2 days.

My car finally arrived after all that delay. I was supposed to get it delivered home and send off my old car only on Saturday. They however decided to exchange the car at my office. The car hadn’t been washed or cleared and I had loads of things inside the car!

So I had to rush down and clean the car of every single memoriable inside the car. Now I practically live inside my car given the hours spent driving. I have clothes, tones of shoes, stationary, books, files, cassettes, receipts and much more. By the time I cleared the car I was sweaty, dusty and I had 3bags full of stuff.

When they finally arrived to exchange the cars, it was so windy, my hair was flying all over the place. Little had I known the wind was an indication of the weekend’s weather.

It was a bitter sweet moment as I gleefully took my new car keys and gave 1666’s keys. I watched them drive the car away and as I got into the car I got a call saying they’d forgotten something. So I got a final look at 1666. sigh gonna miss him.

What did I get? A super deal. When I was looking for a car, I had no idea what I wanted coz I really hadn’t want another car coz cars are horrible investments. The moment you sign the car deal, the price drops. Anyway our family friend suggested I take this particular car though it was a used one. The selling point was the car has only hit 28k mileage in the last 3 years! And so that’s how I decided on the Honda City Vtec after test driving it. The scariest part about the car is its all white interior – darn I can no longer be lazy!

I’m still trying to get a hang on its security feature – the car locks down if you don’t twist the key in the right way.

So Saturday morning we take the car to the temple to be blessed. Hindu’s usually get our automobiles blessed at the temple. We also do blessing ceremonies before moving into new houses. It’s supposed to throw away any bad luck that may follow with the car. The priest would draw religious symbols on the windscreen and do a few rituals.

The priest was extra excited. He was telling us this.

Visithra ooruhke kolam pohdum annal avenge kadikku naan than kolam pohduren.
Visithra puts kolams everywhere but for I’m the one who puts for her car.


A whole drama happened after that – I’ll post on it later as that’s something I want to discuss.

I admit I had something to do with the non-stop rain on Saturday. I was going out to run errands when I casually mention to my mom – I think I won’t have to wash off the drawings on the rain would do it.

We were about to reach home when it suddenly rained so heavily we couldn’t get out of the car to open the house door. We were actually stuck inside the car for 20 mins!

That evening was one of my closest friends engagement. We had been talking about this for months and the day was finally here. First we’d have to find the place.

Joy I successfully got us lost after battling one two many traffic jams. Well how was I supposed to know there was 2 similarly named turnings in that area! For once I’ll hail Malaysian timing, we arrived just as the ceremony was about to start. Though it wasn’t really raining during the ceremony, the outdoor engagement area was soaked wet. Most of us especially the two of us who were taking photos found our saris and shawls ends soaked wet by the end of the ceremony.

it was a beautiful ceremony – even on stage on his engagement my friend was still monkeying around. I have photos to prove ;p wishing them absolutely the best.

I was probably on some hyper med – coz I spent the rest of the night cleaning and organizing my things. I had to sort out some old documents and the stuff from the car. I only slept at 8 am!

Since the interiors all creamy (yikes!) I have to make sure I don’t mess up the car. So I actually got containers to organize the shoes in the car. Ooh and I like those containers – they have wheels!

As you can see Sunday was spent cleaning and organizing my space.

The biggest highlight however was the chopping of my locks. I haven’t snipped my hair for the last 2 years. The hair grew so long it was waist length! Though I loved my hair and curls it was irritating the hell out of me. Now it’s a bit shorter than I had initially wanted but I guess the hairs weight had been straightening out the curls – coz now they’re extra curly and bouncy! ;p

Oh god you have no idea how light my head feels now! Yayyyyyyyyyyy

Monday, March 24, 2008

Adieu to 1666

That was my third car’s number – catchy isn’t it. Well that was my dads fav combination of numbers. The car was after all his. I took over the car when he passed away. It was more like I was forced to claim ownership of the car coz I had relatives waiting to snatch it away from us barely a week after my fathers demise.

The car has been a sanctuary to me in the last 4 years. It’s seen tones of laughter, tears, love and shared so many memories. You could call the car my healing stone. I grasped on its imperfections, refusing to repair the dent on the side of the car my dad had encountered for sentimental reasons. 3 friendship bracelets my dad had placed remained in the same spot for the last 4 years.

Despite the many problems that began to creep up in the car in the last 2 years, I refused to let go. I finally let go last January when I realized having to visit the mechanics every 2 weeks isn’t normal.

The wira was a delightful car, I traveled so many places with it. It could tell you so many stories and I’m VERY THANKFUL it can’t. lol

The car was a riot of emotions. My creepiest moment was felt in 1666. less than 2 weeks after dad had passed on I felt the strangest tingle while reparking the car after his prayers. I remember saying – whoever you are leave me alone – and freaking out for weeks after. I can’t describe the feeling, it could have been my imagination but it was very real.

The number of times I’ve cried in the car out of frustration, anger, despair. I’ve only hit another car twice in the 4 years of driving the car and both happened last year and the major one was influenced by certain incidents.

Let’s not even discuss anger, I have a legendary temper. If you knew me well you’d have known it last as fast as it brew. There are of course expectations when I threw people out of my life totally.

Best of all the laughter that continued to ring through the car. The various trips, the sudden movie craze, the jokes, the tickles, the hugs and kisses.

The car exchange happened so suddenly we didn’t have enough time to say goodbye. All I had was just a short moment to give you a peck. Like what another friend said, we’re gonna miss you 1666. It’s time to share memories with another one.

Bye love – it was nice knowing you.

Friday, March 21, 2008


I shop alone. I can follow people shopping but when it comes to buying stuff for myself - I shop alone.

SHopping alone has its hazzards though. Take what happened a month ago - I was on leave for the CNY break and out shopping in KLCC. Since I had the whole day there, I thought I'd catch a movie and then go shopping actually I just needed one stuff.

Anyway I walk out after buying the ticket and notice this black/african/ following me. Thinking I was imagining things, I turned into ISETAN, only to find the guy still following me. So I desperately dash down the excalator and try to lose him, I'm practically sprinting in a mall. I reach the womens section and guess what? He's still following me! By now I'm freaking out so much I go hide behind a pillar and 2 salesgals. They give me this bemused look and I tell them there's a guy following me. Thinking I might be paranoid they were about to peek out of the pillar when MR stalker peeks back at us.

Realising I was being followed, they asked me to hide in the dressing room. and so for the next 20 minutes, I sat frightened and angry inside the dressing room till the knocked to let me out. it seems he was walking around the section and even asked if some shirt could be worn by men. HELLO ITS A WOMENS DEPARTMENT!

Thank god I didn't bump into him again.

Same thing happened again yesterday, another black/african guy started following me in Tesco. he walked up to me and tried to strike a conversation while I was trying to figure out which cookie was nicer and I walked away and caught up with me at the cheese section. You see that was my first time to Tesco (don't be shocked), I just wanted to compare prices and offerings compared to Giant and Carrefour which is closer to home. Conclusion : my neighbourhood grocer is still cheaper and the vegetables are fresher!

Anyways there I am comparing the cheese variety and he walks up to me again (I thought I had lost him) and goes hello can we talk?

I politely say no and try to choose cheese.

he goes WHY???

AIYOOOOOO I tell him coz I'm not interested and forget about cheese and head towards the exit afraid he might follow me again.


Why is it people don't understand NO. why is it you have to follow and freak out someone in the first place. ITS SCARY.

And why are black/ africans so up front and persistent. Don't they understand the word NO? These aren't the first time I've had problems with them.

And someone once commented here that east malaysia isnt safe - hello nowhere's safe you just have to be street smart!


An obssesive reader of my blog - must be since she can point out exact dates of when I post stuff has called me a baboon because of this post.

If at the cost of my safety and my dire want to remain alive and not another murder/rape statistic, and for the fact that I have been followed by the same bunch of people in the last 15 years at least that i have run out of fast food restaurants, shopping complex, trains, restaurants or kicked or screamed at one I'm to be called a racist baboon so be it!

I rather be safe than sorry.

LOl I don't take people who have no experience dealing with other races

Why Sharizat shouldn't have lost

Yes its been weeks since the election, but I cannot sit back and not link a post that echo's my feelings on why Sharizat's lost was a shame.

I hope the new minister can fill her shoes but given how well she had done her job wherever possible, I doubt it would be close.

when you have personally seen her help abused women, you will feel the same as I do. Do read the link.

Like I said before this was an election where people voted by party rather than merit.

Monday, March 17, 2008


I can’t see you
What do you mean you can’t see me? I’m standing in the middle of the road under the rain – and you can’t see me????

I was trying very hard to direct one of my friends to the boys home while it was raining cats and dog on Saturday. I finally had to stand in the middle of the rain and got soaked trying to direct him to the home. He finally turns up from the other direction, much to the amusement of the children.

We spent the evening with the kids who were true Malaysians – since they seem to prefer Ramly burgers (local burger) over any other fast food and all this while we thought they loved KFC. My friends had also organized to get the kids personalized t-shirts printed with their names. We had wanted to spend more time with the kids but they had to go for a function. Thanks to the rain their ride turned up late and we had more time with them.

Its always fun to watch the kids and talk to them. I don’t think people ever seem them so boisterous, singing in groups but never alone, dancing away and telling us stories. Listening to all of them at one go is an unbelievable task. When they take your hand and tug you to come watch them perform, I don’t think they realize its our hearts they’re playing games with.

Earlier that day I had taken my South African sister and Iranian brother out shopping for Indian clothes for one of our friends engagement this Saturday. People were actually waiting outside the dressing room to look at how she looked in a salwar kameez. That was really funny, both of us managed to convince her colour does look nice on her! ;p

Oh I’m amazed how fast it took to indianize her, the first shop she was wanting all plain clothes but by the 3rd shop she was heading for the fully embroided stuff! ;p

Sunday was the meet the in laws day – not mine but my brothers, it was an interesting experience. From there we headed straight to my nephews engagement, yes nephew. They were family friends even before they became related to us. I’ve got too many relatives but these ppl are my favourite.

Everytime patti sees me she’ll give me a huge bear hug that nearly squeezes the life out of me and I love that.

An aunt tried to bug me to get married, with the lamest reasons.

you’ll be lonely
Err my life is very different I have no time actually – I do so many things!

Your mother wants grandchildren
She can have my brothers kids

She wants yours
well she can spoil 30 kids between the ages 3 to 16 – they’re all mine!

That actually got her to keep quiet! Yayyyyyyyyyy

The next few weeks is gonna be crazy, a friends engagement, anothers wedding, my groups anniv, my coming trip, a kid that’s about to pop out anytime soon (god bless that pregnancy) and a few other things. Whoa !

Friday, March 14, 2008

Inspiring youth needs help

Mahen has started a donation campaign for a teenager that trully deserves help. Please read through the post and I hope people who have been my silent readers will contribute to his cause. Saravanan is trully inspiring and I feel he needs whatever help he can get - monetary, education and so forth.

Check the link out to see a video of Saravanan.


AGE: 20 years old
DATE OF BIRTH : 03.11.1987

He was selected for Kedah team, participated in 200 meters relay and won the 2nd prize.

He was later made the athlete for our country, made representative for Malaysia, in Paraolympics. He plays for the football team.


So what is special about him? He is the top scorer for STPM 2007 in the spastic category ,scoring a whopping 2As and 3Bs. Congratulations brother!

He is not like your average Joe. He didn’t grow up playing PlayStations, he didn’t have RM15 Starbucks for his coffee break , he didn’t pay RM100 to go to one of those posh clubs in Bangsar. He learned about life by living it, the hard way.

His mother left him. His father worked odd jobs. He was abandoned by his parents at young age when they discovered he had spastic cerebral palsy.

Since then he grew up with support from neighbours and friends. One them owned a restraint and he was able to have his meals there.He attended SJKT Mak Mandin from Standard 1 to Standard 4 and he completed Standard 5 and 6 in SJKT Wellesley.

He had his Secondary education in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Lunas.As he needed money for his basic needs he collected Scrap – papers cardboards cans and plastic wires for recycling.His Aunty, Uncle and some wellwishers helped him along the way.

He completed Form 1.2 and 4 in the Special Class in SMK Lunas and Form 3 and 5 in the normal classes. Eventhough he went through hardship he managed to obtain 2As 2 Bs and 2Cs and 2Ds in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia -2004.

Saravanan grew up and with the help of friends and has successfully completed SPM. He commenced his Lower Six in Chio Min School in Kulim on June 14th 2006. And he made us all proud with his STPM.

His achievements are as follows:


He made it through defeating the odds, managed to be a champion not only of himself, but I dare to say, this is THE role model of any youth. He can easily be positioned better than many of those others who claim themselves as being ’sidelined’ and not scoring in their studies.

Now he wants to further his studies in the ICT field. He aims to be a Software Engineer.

This is where you, YOU come into the picture. It will be very much appreciated if you can donate in any kind and in any amount to this brother, crown jewel of the society. I beg you, trust me, I know how hard it is. ENCOURAGE him , lend a helping hand.

If you wish to contribute, leave me your amount pledges (if cash) and provide me your real email , I will email you personally.

Other than cash is preferable, especially those who can help him in the long run. Comment here your pledges , or simply email me at and I shall reply to you personally as fast as possible.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Briliant Sultan

My respect for the Perak Sultan has increased by leaps. He is simply brilliant. This whole situation in Perak is to me his test to see how well they will co-operate. and how incredibly have they failed!

Looks like he hit them at the right place instantaniously exposing their weak link. Hats off to his higness.

New Adventure

New adventure People kept asking me when I was upgrading to a dslr - the problem was I didn't see it as an upgrade.

look at the things I've been able to do with my humble point and shoot - my baby the canon powershot a620.

and so I will call the Canon 350d a new adventure.

This adventure wouldn't have been possible without the help from my dear friend Johan. I look up to Johan for advice on anything photography - from lens to light to his amazing sense of fun - this is someone who is always willing to help you when you need help.

He helped me get my canon - there was never a second thought - only problem is everytime I call him he confuses me! ;p

Thanks for everything Johan.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ha Ha Ha

I left the office at 8 went shopping and came online to check some mails and I read this. LOl internet politics is so amazing ;p

Didn't I say this would happen? Ideologies differ - everyone took advantage of the situation. Pity the people who placed their faith on these people.

Pulling your hair???

... you might want to hold on to the hair - so what do you do when you're stressed?

Do you jump around like a nut?
Do you plot revenge?
Do you scream like a maniac?

What do you do?

Mine rangers from screaming, playing devious games to alone time theraphy which can be expensive! ;p

So whats yours?

ps : time to lighten up the blog ;)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Flickr Stealer

flickr stealer

I was reading through the election news when I found one of my photos plastered on someone’s blog without even a single acknowledgement. I immediately emailed the owner and asked it to be removed. While he did remove the image, he didn’t even bother to apologise on the incident.



I suggest you check out his website to see if your photo was stolen as well.

UPDATE : The blogger has apologised. So I"m removing his link and the image.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Silence can be deafening.

It’s a bit too quiet.

That’s the line my mother and I kept repeating to ourselves the whole day yesterday.

We spent late morning of Saturday first voting and then visiting three different voting centres in our area. Voting was pretty smooth and if you live in such a small town as mine, you walk in to meet friends you probably haven’t met in some time and people handing you your voting room details even before you handover your ic to get it checked. The BN centre in my voting centre was abuzz with activity as they curiously posed for photos occasionally asking if it would come out in the papers.

Why is it that everyone thinks I support the opposition? I have never supported or voted for someone based on race so why was it an issue now? Even the usual BN supporters that would visit us at home to hand us our voting station details hadn’t turned up. When I met them at the voting station they told us they were hesitant to come. Not everyone handles dejection well. By the way we’ve never been offered money to vote – breakfast yes but then there’s a kenduri here every year for Raya.

My mother hadn’t believed me when I told her the opposition would be re-creating 99 or worse or that Samy would lose (thank god he lost!!!!!). My voting station has a higher malay percentage, compared to the other 3 stations – so she definitely was shocked to face the situation in the other poling centres of what would later be the reality of our next 4 years. My mother was shaken.

Thankfully the adun I was voting for won again and as I had predicted our parliamentary seat went to the opposition. I’d be kidding myself if I thought the opposition leader’s son would lose. The funny thing is his posters only started appearing in my area 1 day or two before Saturday. Either they forgot we were under them or we really didn’t matter to them? Heck they didn’t even share their alliance’s table to put up even one flag at my polling station. Very reassuring!

I grew up meeting one of my mp’s (mp till 99 – he was replaced in 04 by another bn candidate) every now and then, he used to drive his own car, the issues he has solved for us, the development in our small town of 80 000 voters, the number of times he visited our temple festivals regardless of election or non election time, how our reps have been working to get the temples land grant, community halls, stadiums, library and the old market has been given a new location to give way to bigger roads in our most congested part of town.

Oh and our potholes get covered all the time not just during elections. Heck MPSJ has even made a 12 am visit to our house thanks to our maniac neighbour’s (she’s changed now) complaint. Profusely apologizing to us when they realized the tent had been placed to shield visitors who had been there for my fathers funeral rites. When I was barely 17 when I went with a family friend to meet my adun on some matters and he even remembered that his son and I were school mates.

People wonder why I’m willing to travel more than 60 kms daily just to get to and back from work. My neighbour travels even more than that and this is the least bit unusual for our area. And here I am faced with a new mp and I didn’t even see him before the elections! Very reassuring!

Reality is people voted based on party sentiments rather than a candidate’s qualification.

Yes I’m a BN supporter but I vote based on performance, on how much change, how accessible and reliable my candidate is. Which was what I had been urging people to do, vote based on the qualification of your candidate, don’t expect an uthopian leader rather someone who can deliver. If the previous candidate wasn’t doing his job by all means kick him out – (example Samy). I was hoping for another 2 loses, the biggie inlaws but that didn’t happen did it. Extremely sad that Sharizat lost – when you know abused women who have personally gotten help from her, it saddens you that she lost.

Congrats to the opposition for achieving their set goal.

Defeat must always be acknowledged, how I wish Samy would concede defeat as graciously as Gerakan’s acting president or that the inlaws would except it as well.
Now the question is will the opposition keep up to the words it promised to the people that believed them. Will they work together or will they disappoint by breaking up as they did after 99 due to the clash of ideologies and push voters to give BN an arrogant 90% support in 2012?

I am never in favour of anyone having too much power.

After all your cries of Makkal Sakthi – will the Indians in the opposition be given one of the top seats in the 5 states that are now under the opposition? Someone said that this shouldn’t even be asked but then wasn’t one of the points the opposition were hankering on was a more balanced racial profile at the government? This was after all the first time the opposition fielded so many Indian reps. Or as always was it another political gimmick? Taking advantage of the moment?

Keep your word – that’s all I can say – too many people believed in you.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Racial Discrimination

So the opposition says it can eliminate it. So you think discrimination happens in the government only? Let me point out just one point …..

I’ve been wrestling on a car loan with a bank for the last 2 months. Here’s what I’ve been facing :

I applied a loan with a Chinese bank, they approve after calling my office, me, my mother and god knows who else but won’t give me the full amount I asked for on the grounds they don’t think I can afford it. I give them a guarantor they still won't give me the full amount on the same grounds.

I move on to applying the loan at a Malay bank (wondering have I been delusioning myself on my financial status) which has a higher interest rate. They approve the loan even without calling me at the full rate though it means I will be paying more. THEY think I can afford it.

So you tell me doesn’t this blatantly scream RACIAL PROFILING????????

Private companies practice RACIAL DISCRIMINATION on a daily basis and what are these so called avengelers doing about it? NOTHING!

Reality is INDIANS ARE A MINORITY – no matter who is in power, you will feel the pinch, you will be discriminated. The key is to excel in your own fields, work had and smart.

I will be voting for the known devil – coz I don’t dare leave my future in the hands of the opposition!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

All smiles

All smilesHe had discovered the little button could do wonders but how was he going to play with it without being caught. So he slowly but surely glides his finger to the button only to hear a resounding aiiiiiiiii just mms from his target.

(darn she caught me)

I'm taller than youHe turns back and flashes his oh so innocent smile at her as if nothing happened. He got rewarded a peck on his forehead for trying to be naughty!

The little one was seated on my lap as we traveled for an outing with the children from the home. He is the youngest and most huggable kid at home. I hadn’t been to the home for some time now for many reasons. I had been missing them a lot but there were things that needed to be looked after. The call to babysit them came precisely at the right time.

Nearly thereI was pretty nervous to walk into the home coz I wasn’t sure how they would react. I knew they hadn’t forgotten me as they did ask about me on and off. The house was filled with visitors and the children were inside when I walked in. The moment they saw me the younger ones came running out to ask me “where have you been?”

I can tie my shoelaces without lookingOne of the elder boys walks in and completely ignores me and I’m a bit bewildered. Then he walks out and asks

“eh who is this la?”

He got a punch and they started telling me stories. I breath a sigh of relief - all was right, my babies weren’t hating me. The younger ones even cuddled up to me as I heard them tell me stories and judged a singing competition. They updated me on what was going on at the home, who had left, who was new.

PLaygroundThe group were taking the kids to see a lion dance performance at a shopping mall. Thankfully no matter how close I am to them, they are a bit scared of me – otherwise imagine babysitting 26 kids alone! I kept worrying that I’d lose one to the chaos of the mall. Hehehe must have been a funny sight to see this Indian lady with a kid on her hip and another 24 indian boys and 1 chinese boy walking the malls. Believe me people did stop!

Speaking of assumptions – the boys were teasing me earlier.

them : so hows your son?
me : huh (wondering err do I unknowingly have children?)
them : ur favouritela? (one of the boys who left the home)
me : oh yeah he’s fine I think ;p (haven’t called the kid for sometime)

I actually call them my babies, so that’s son right ;) Just don’t tell them or they’ll stop being scared of me, and that is a big NO when you’re involved with children.

I'm the timid sliderAs expected some of the younger ones did cry. We then headed to the playground in Lake Gardens for some time out. The kids as usual posed away – they are truly photogenic. I kept running after the little ones to make sure they didn’t get lost. By the time we got back some of them were fast asleep – we talked somemore as I waited for the rain to stop. It feels great to be back after not going for a few months.

ps : those wishing to contribute to the home can check them out here

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I KNOW what you wore!!

When someone tells you they remember you coz they remember what you wore at an event months back, you .....

Freak if it was a gal since it either means you were trendy or so gaudy/lame they couldn't get your gaudiness out of their memory
Freak if it was a guy coz errr why the hell does he have to remember what you were wearing! yikes!
Freak even more coz you can't for the life of you remember what you were wearing at said event
Wonder why they remembered your clothes and not your face

The mind is a mysterious dwelling I tell ya!

ps : I've been too busy to even post anything sigh