Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hugs anyone?

I had to learn how to hug.

I had to tell my very huggy friend that my mom doesn’t hug people so don’t hug her.

So your father hugs?

Nope he didn’t either.

She turns back puzzled and asks so how come you hug?

I had to learn how to hug. There was a time in my life when I wouldn’t even touch someone’s hand. When I was younger I smiled at people and never shook hands with anyone. Sure I played with other children but I grew up a tomboy who was more interested in playing football and kickboxing with the boys then actually showing emotion.

I slowly started hugging my galfriends in form 5 and in univ but I still couldn’t hug my guy friends. I think we were in Penang when another friends brother turned out to be Mr huggy and slowly I started to learn to hug everyone. However I still don’t hug all my guy friends, coz we’re just not used to it.

Hugging is one of the most affectionate gift you can gift to someone. The warmth you transfer to the other reflects the affection and love you have for them. It is and should be the most natural thing to do.

The once non touchy gal is now the gal who leans, twiddles and hugs her friends and people find it so hard to believe that I never used to hug. So if you’re not a huggy person, its about time you learnt the joys of hugging. Go out and hug someone now!


archana said...

Ur post reminds me of the "Kattipudi vaithiyum" in the movie "Vasoolraja MBBS".

Sundar Narayanan said...


nice one visithra..

one fine day you find out that you are a hug person!

I realized that about myself after coming to US!


Anonymous said...

Funny, but you're all sorts in one:
a) hugely complicated,
b) extremely articulate,
c) very self-confident/assured almost to the point of being rather cocky,
d) hugely artistic in your true calling,
e) very, very assertive, yet,

I 'feel' quite
a) a feeling person,
b) enormously intelligent,
c) capable of doing a great deal of good to mankind, esp to our community in Malaysia, yet,
d) you seem, imho, right now at least, a very vulnerable person.

Yes, sometimes, one wants to just hug you too, just to tell you, everything about you is very complex, you're going to be a difficult person to most normal people around the world, but you have a great heart...and soul.

visithra said...

archana : actually that in many ways does work - u can make someone feel better with a hug - u cant cure them but u can assure them.

sundar : yeah i guess u understand what I mean ;)

anon : err welcome here?

u must be one of my silent readers ;) i am all sorts in one - life would be very boring otherwise

2nd time i'm asking this but do I know you? since u did search for my name?

BawangMerah said...

I don't hug people because then they know how big my belly :)

rsubras said...

hey visit where is my birthday wish :D???

it was there last year as well :)

just are u doing??

Orange Fronkey said...

Hey girl!

You've been tagged :p

Jeevan said...

That’s the best gift I received recently from my one of my dear buddy. It was unexpected she could hug me, the first time I feel it pleasing the person brings the affection in strange way for me. At least I can’t do it in my hands, I should be blessed someone did for me that.

Hugsss dear:)

Rathika said...

Hi Visithra, My name's Rathika and I've been reading your blog for some time now.
This post of yours, struck a rather familiar chord in me as I had a similar upbringing. Whenever someone even touched me, for that matter, I would jump right out of my skin. It was very tough to change my ingrained childhood learnings and assure myself that it was alright to hug.
In a way, you let me know that I wasn't the only one who went through this. Thank you.

visithra said...

on a replying old comments spree ;p - lol i've been a bad blogger

bm : hehehe oh my god u are so funny

subra : busy year - just found time for replying comments

jeevan : yes its a wonderful gift ;p

rathika : yeah most of us have similar upbringings - nope ure not the only one ;) glad u found someone else ;p